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Let's take a look at entry level jobs in a marijuana grow operation. It is exciting to work in the cannabis industry, whether you are trained, experienced or have the skills, but it is still important to be well equipped to be the best you can be so you can excel. However, you can chose to enter the industry through an entry level job in a marijuana grow operation. R

ight now, the industry itself is growing and so is the job market. As more states legalize weed, it is only going to get better and if you are not ready to embark in a cannabis career and get the training required, then the next best thing is to consider a marijuana grow operation where you might become a trimmer or administrative personnel.

The Moving Pieces

There are a lot of moving pieces as it relates to a large marijuana grow operation. These establishments will usually employ more professionals to get them off the ground, if it is a new operation. If it has a history, then the company will first hire entry level positions that can grow with the company. At this point, the company will have a considerable number of opportunities that you can look at, if you want to work in any marijuana grow operation from the bottom up.

When you do work in any marijuana grow operation, you will be close to the marijuana plant and the cultivation process. Let us look at some of the other positions that you could assume in addition to a trimmer. Most of these cannabis jobs are entry level, but they require training and at times, some will need experience.

Cannabis Clone Technician

There are times when the marijuana grow operation has to clone some of its plants. This is where you could pitch in as a clone technician where you help to grow plants from its seed stage. You would take the clippings from a larger marijuana plant and transform these clippings into rooted states, but you must make sure the plant is healthy. This can be quite a rewarding responsibility for you.

Cannabis Transplant Technician

When the grower is nurturing the marijuana plants for healthy growth, there has to be various grow mediums. If you are going to be working any large marijuana grow operation, then you could look at becoming a transplant assistant or technician since this is a dedicated position for most facilities. Plants have to be successfully transplanted so growth and harvest are successful.

Cannabis Assistant to Master Grower

You could also become an assistant to the main marijuana cultivator or master grower. You will learn a lot in this position as his is where the chief grower could use you as an understudy. Before you know it, you will rise in ranks as long as you pay keen attention to everything that the master grower does.

Cannabis Harvesting Assistant

Harvesting is important when it comes to growing cannabis and help is always needed. In fact, a lot of help is necessary, especially since this is the stage where the plants being harvest have to be moved to another facility.

Cannabis Processor

If you want to work in any marijuana grow operation, you could consider joining the processing crew where products are being manufactures such as concentrates and pre-rolled joints. It all depends on what the marijuana grow operation does as it relates to sale and distribution.

Cannabis Packager

And if the marijuana grow operation does make products, then you could join the packaging team as a packaging clerk. This is the kind of position that might not be alluring, but it can be teachable and rewarding. This is certainly an important cannabis job.

Final Summary

Other entry level jobs include pest and disease technician, curing assistant, farm hand, and nursery assistant or technician.

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