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There are many individuals who may be interested in marijuana products because of its benefits. However, there are some people who use it as a sexual aid to enhance their lives on an intimate level. However, some of those same people are shy or embarrassed to bring up the topic. And so, it is important that the budtender at the local dispensary knows exactly how to answer the questions, which will be asked and how to do so in a fashion where the customer doesn't feel embarrassed or awkward about asking.

The budtender is supposed to be able to know the marijuana products so much as to make the right recommendations. A good budtender will be well informed about the types of cannabis strains that are ideal to be used as sexual aids. The question is how does the budtender accommodate such intimate conversations in a helpful way? The answer is simple for the good worker, but can be challenging for a new staff.

The Products

Marijuana lubricants are getting very popular, but not many people know about them. However, in the cannabis industry, there are many other products that are coming on the market, whether intimate or others. So, it is important for all staff members to know the marijuana products and have an inkling of how to recommend them to the cannabis consumers. You have to know when a customer is shy about asking for advice and the approach to take.

The Job Description

In the grand scheme of things, the budtender job description is expansive. It is not just selling cannabis products, but providing efficient and effective customer service to the consumer. It is also identifying with the customer and having empathy and understanding. You have to put yourself into the customer's shoes to know that some things are just hard for some people to discuss and that means sexual marijuana products could be an off topic for them, but it shouldn't be for you as a budtender. Let's discuss how you can best do your job when you are faced with such a customer.

Setting Boundaries

If a customer walks in and asks about sexual marijuana products that you are not comfortable talking about or you don't have the proper training to do so, you should let the customer know right away. Then immediately refer the customer to another employee who does. If you are not the best person to speak with or have this type of conversation with the customer, it is best to pass it on to another employee. If you are confident about speaking to the customer, then by all means do so with caution and care. It would also be helpful to have resources available to the customer. Make sure you ask questions to get enough information so you can provide the assistance that your customer needs. Make suggestions and recommendations where necessary. If you are unable to help, you could also refer the customer to a physician.

Provide Undivided Attention

Be sure to provide the attention, making customers feel comfortable. Don't raise your eyebrows and watch your body language. Customers can be sensitive, especially as it relates to the topic of sex and intimacy. Make sure your nod is encouraging as it will prod the customer to continue explaining their needs. Never belittle or mock the customer for this sensitive request. And don't express any negative judgment either.

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Final Thoughts

Don't act creepy or show any signs of negativity toward the cannabis consumer. If you don't have any sexual marijuana products on your menu, then you should let the customer know right away so your time and their time are not wasted. Remain professional throughout the process. Learn more about different marijuana products and earning your budtender certification by going to the Cannabis Training University.

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