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airvape review, vape with oils next to it

AirVape review 

Apollo AirVape is a leading company providing high-quality dry-herb and oil-based vaporizers for cannabis consumers. You can find their products at


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While there are thousands of AirVape reviews spread out online, we know our readers and students want the best information possible about cannabis-driven companies. So, we put together this AirVape review with the best AirVape coupon code as well! 

About Apollo AirVape

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Apollo started back in 2013 intending to provide luxury dry-herb vaping products that are sleek and slim but won’t break the bank. For years, they have been perfecting their designs and continue to release innovative vapes and accessories to cater to the ever-evolving vape market.

Not many other vaping companies provide customers with a lifetime warranty on their products. They also give nice discounts to repeat customers when they launch new vaping products.

They aim to increase the sustainability of the vaping industry as well. They have their own recycling program to reduce waste from expired vaping products, making them ahead of the curve in the industry.

With their years of experience in the industry, a lifetime guarantee, an array of vaping products to choose from, and a dedication to being as sustainable as possible, Apollo Design & Tech is one vaping company that you can be proud of supporting.

AirVape Product Line

The AirVape lifetime warranty offered on their dry-herb and concentrate vapes is an awesome perk to take advantage of. No matter what product you decide on, ensure that you register for this great program. Here is our AirVape review on each of their main products. 

AirVape Legacy

AirVape Legacy

Airvape Legacy


First product on our AirVape review is the Legacy. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution to vape dry-herb and concentrates with many other great features, the AirVape Legacy is the product for you.

The heating component allows for exact temperature heating instead of a general range of temperatures to be reached. This vape can be charged wirelessly and only takes 15 seconds to reach the precise vaping temperature.

They stay dedicated to their sustainability goals by reducing plastics in this vape in favor of more sustainable products that give this unit a fantastic feel and finish that should last for years of vaping pleasure!

You can also score their AirVape Legacy Special Edition, which features the best of the AirVape Legacy and also contributes even more to their sustainability goals. Each purchase helps plant 10 trees, which is a nice bonus for those of us who are environmentally-conscious.


AirVape X


Airvape X

Airvape X



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The AirVape X is another dual-purpose vape that can be used for dry-herb and oil concentrates. The heating precision is similar to the Legacy, although the X takes around 20 seconds to reach optimum vaping temperature.

This ultra-portable vape features a water-resistant build and also hides aroma quite well. It’s the perfect option for discrete dry-herb vaping.

The AirVape best temperature is easily guided by the digital display and precision controls. It lacks a few of the new-age features that the Legacy model has, but is a perfectly good option for those with a stricter budget. You can also get the X in two other models: AirVape X AE and AirVape X SE.

The AE, or Artist Edition, features new colorways and a wooden mouthpiece. Part of the proceeds are donated to ART420 as well.

The SE, or Special Edition, is upgraded in its design and comes with an array of useful accessories to expand its functionality. One of those attachments is a unique water bong attachment to change up the usual vaping experience.


AirVape XS Go

Airvape XS Go

Airvape XS Go

Next on our AirVape review is the XS Go. For those looking for the sleekest design with the most portability, the XS Go is for you. The AirVape Go features a bit less precision in the heating, although it still offers 5 temperature options. It still takes about 20 seconds to reach the chosen temperature.

Those looking to buy AirVape XS models will love the functionality packed into this budget-friendly unit. The Airvape XS Go review is quite positive for dry-herb vaporizers.


AirVape OM


This keychain size concentrate vaporizer is a switch-up from the dry-herb based vapes that Apollo has been offering for years. But, this model sure does the trick for those who are only interested in vaping oils.

It’s compatible with most 510-thread vape cartridges on the market, which makes your list of concentrate possibilities quite long. Forget about proprietary cartridges that only offer a few strains!


AirVape OM Basik

If you want a more budget-friendly concentrate vape that is still keychain-size, the OM Basik is a great product. It has the same 510-thread as the OM with a little less functionality. But, it gets the job done, which is vaporizing oil concentrates for you to enjoy.


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Wax pad inserts, silicone sleeves, and power banks are just a few of the accessories that Apollo offers for their line of vapes. Have you ever wanted to turn your vape into a water bong? Apollo has you covered.

The base units from Apollo are awesome but if you combine them with a few of the offered accessories, the products are quite hard to match by anyone else in the vaping industry!

AirVape Updated Coupon

You can find the best AirVape coupon right here at Cannabis Training University. You can score deep discounts on your favorite products.

You can also save even more money when you sign up for their UpGrade program for their new product launches.


Final Words About Apollo AirVape Review

Those of you who are in the market for a new vape, whether it be for dry-herb or oil concentrates, shouldn’t hesitate to consider Apollo AirVape. Their diverse product line and awesome accessories that expand the functionality of their products is hard to beat.

Sure, you can find cheaper products on the market. However, you won’t have the security of a lifetime guarantee like Apollo offers on their array of vaping products! Check them out and use our AIRVAPE coupon code to save some dough. 

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