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How to Apply Proper Pot Etiquette. Smoke weed everyday sign.

How to Apply Proper Weed Etiquette

When you consider weed etiquette, you should think about where you would want to consume it so as not to trigger any unnecessary or negative attention. And so, you have to be aware of your social and public setting. You can start new friendships and maintain existing friendships with your marijuana habits, but you have to be very discreet and respectful when doing so. For people who have indulged in pot smoking in a social setting, they know the importance of weed etiquette because it might come naturally, especially when the person has been smoking weed for a while. However, this is not always the case in every situation. For those new to marijuana, if you are smoking weed in a group, there are just some mandatory rules to consider. Just so as not to make it confusing, those rules should be known beforehand. We have put together some steps you need to follow to successfully engage in your first weed smoking session and do it like a pro. Below are some common rules you should apply for proper weed etiquette.

Bring Your Own Marijuana Stash

Marijuana strains can be quite expensive, depending on your choice and depending on how often you participate in group smoking. However, it is still important to bring your own stash of weed when going to your group session. Even if the other people in the group brought their own weed, it is the polite thing to do if you have your own. This is especially true if you are the one that brought up the idea of a smoking session.

Remove the Stems and Seed

Make sure you get rid of the stems and seed from your marijuana. You don't have to keep the seeds, especially, if you are not a marijuana grower. One of the reasons to get rid of the stems and seeds is that the weed will taste much better when you are smoking your joint. And in addition, it is just proper weed etiquette.

Rolling Your Joint

Before you even get into the smoking session, ‘man up' and let the others know that you cannot roll a joint. It is not cool to be smoking a disheveled joint within the group. It is not proper weed etiquette because you are just wasting the marijuana. Let someone roll the joint for you rather than try to do it yourself and mess up. Make sure that the person who rolls the weed is the one who sparks it. If you rolled the joint on your own, then you should light up.

The First Hit

Be sure that all the guests get the first hit before you do. This is common courtesy. Let's say that you are the person hosting the smoking session. Make sure that you welcome your guests with the first hit.


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Torching the Bowl

You don't always need a green hit or first hit to enjoy the smoking session. However, rather you should consider torching a bowl. But, make sure not to burn the entire surface of your marijuana bowl. Common weed etiquette dictates that you light a small corner of the bowl. This allows the next person to enjoy that green hit as well.

Puff and Pass

Be sure to puff the glass pipe, if you are using one and pass it along around the circle during the marijuana smoking session. For example, if you are smoking a blunt or joint, don't take more than two hits prior to passing it around to the person who should get it next. The proper weed etiquette is to puff twice and pass.

Final Thoughts

To maintain proper weed etiquette, you should also pas the bowl on the left hand side instead of the right hand side. You should not hog up the weed while others are waiting. Be sure to clear out the chamber of the bowl. Never blow the smoke into someone's face and never pass along a cashed bowl without notifying the next person.

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