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If you want to know if a person has the propensity to smoke weed, how do you ask them? It might be uncomfortable for you to ask a stranger, but there are ways to discreetly do so, even though, it is none of your business. If you really want to know, there are certain ways to ask without being rude, depending on the scenario, the person and the need to know.

There are times when you can just look at a person and be able to tell right away that they smoke weed. However, there are times when you might be uncertain. In such case, how do you handle the situation?

No Assumptions

Instead of going about assuming that a person does or does not smoke weed, why not ask them outright. However, do not let it look too obvious or try to embarrass the person. There are several ways that you can ask someone if they smoke weed without having to actually use the words ‘pot, weed, cannabis, or marijuana.' If you are just curious, there are some subtle ways that you can do this.

Vibes and Appearance

Most people may give you the clue through their physical appearance or their vibes. This will make it relatively easy to guess without even having to ask. However, if you want to be sure, you can just outright ask and the person won't feel bad since they may already be active smokers. In other words, you would have guessed right and so the answer would be a resounding yes. In fact, if you guessed right, the person would be happy to tell you that they smoke weed.

No Shame

There are so many individuals who smoke and won't be ashamed to say so. Just go by your feelings about the person before you ask. A person does not have to look like a stoner not to be one. Some people smoke weed in the privacy of their home and do not want to publicize it. If you have just met someone that does not look like a blazer, it is wise to wait and get to know the person before asking. If you find that the person is really cool, by then, you can inquire.

Smoking Partner

If you are looking for a smoking partner, then it is particularly important to wait to get to know the person. Or if you smoke cigarettes too, you can start off with smoking cigarettes and then during one of those cigarette smoking sessions, you could mention that you smoke weed and ask the person, if they do so too.

How a person holds a cigarette may reveal if they smoke weed. For instance, weed smokers usually hold a joint or blunt with their thumb and index finger. This allows smokers to avoid crushing the joint and restricting air flow. It also allows them to better pass the joint or blunt to friends without getting burned. Cigarette smokers hold their cigarettes between their index and middle fingers.

The Obvious Clues

If you notice someone in a T-shirt that has a logo or image associated with weed, then you can immediately go for the jugular. In fact, this is an easy way to break the ice and just ask the question, “Do you smoke weed?” Why would someone be wearing a marijuana leaf logo T-shirt without representing the cause? Go figure!

Wearing 420-friendly apparel yourself is a good way to find someone who smokes. A fellow weed user may comment on your shirt revealing their feelings about pot. A basic “Legalize It” shirt with a green pot leaf can showcase your smoking habit. Being open about your support for weed through your clothing choices can attract like-minded people.

Red and glazed eyes are another obvious indicator that a person is high and may smoke weed. They may have just consumed edibles, which can also cause red and dry eyes. Smelling like weed is another sign they may have just come from a smoking sesh. Smoking tends to produce a more pungent smell than vaping or dabbing.

Know Where to Ask

Some locations and events may be more likely to attract cannabis smokers than others. Asking someone at a college party or a craft brewery if they smoke weed is likely to yield a yes. Many music festival-goers may partake in smoking bowls, blunts, or joints.

If you’re looking for smokers in your area, Instagram and Twitter are excellent tools to find like-minded individuals. Search popular cannabis hashtags and tagged locations to find users that smoke. LinkedIn, in particular, is a great social media tool for cannabis professionals. You can also check out cannabis-friendly social networks including dating apps for cannabis users.

Finally, legal cannabis states will likely have more cannabis smokers than states that restrict the drug. Be careful where you ask, though. For example, most countries ban cannabis use, cultivation, and sales. Some may even impose harsh penalties for possession. Asking someone if they smoke weed may not get you in trouble, but asking to buy some might.

Breaking the Ice

Here are some ways to break the ice:

  • Do you smoke? Some pot smokers will usually answer that they do in fact smoke and clarify that they only smoke weed. Others may simply answer yes, leaving you to wonder if they smoke cigarettes or weed?
  • Are you aware of Mary Jane? Most people that smoke weed will know that Mary Jane means marijuana.
  • They may also just think you’re talking about someone in particular. You may also use other slang terms used to refer to cannabis. These terms include grass, reefer, ganja, herb, dope, and bud. Of course, there are many more slang terms for cannabis.
  • Do you celebrate the 4/20 holiday? This is a holiday that is celebrated every year and most cannabis enthusiasts know what this is. The holiday celebration takes place on April 20th. You could also ask if they are 420-friendly, a phrase that refers to acceptance of pot use and culture
  • Do you think they should legalize marijuana in every state? This is a good conversation piece. Talking about politics and legalization efforts happening across the country can help you assess whether they smoke or not. If they are in support of legalization, you can feel more comfortable asking if they smoke weed.
  • What is the best cannabis strain? This is another good way to start the conversation. Weed smokers will usually have a favorite strain (or more). If they don’t smoke, they may say they don’t have one or don’t know.
  • Can I borrow a lighter? Smokers will have a lighter on hand. Pot smokers usually have a dark and ashy mark on the corner of their lighter. Smokers use lighters to pack a bowl down while smoking leaving behind sticky and black resin on the corner of the lighter. If they have matches, it can be harder to determine if they smoke weed.
  • Why do you suspect is the reason people smoke weed? You will know right away if the person has anything negative to say and so just end the conversation. A negative view of weed smokers can also mean they prefer healthier consumption methods. If they are aware of and support its therapeutic uses, they are more likely to smoke weed.
  • Do you want to match? Most weed smokers are aware of what matching is and it is not about lighting a match or matching an outfit. This could be the opportunity to explain what it is.
  • Do you have any rolling papers? Those who don’t smoke may look at you with a confused look. Weed smokers may say they’re fresh out or offer you some. Owning any type of weed smoking paraphernalia (glass pipe, bong, hemp wick, grinder, etc.) is a dead giveaway that the person smokes weed. If you visit their home, you can subtly look around for paraphernalia just laying around.

Just Ask

If you feel comfortable enough with a person, simply ask them if they would like to smoke weed with you. Pot use is becoming increasingly mainstream. The stigma surrounding its use is slowly fading. Nowadays, smoking weed shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of. Instead, it should be celebrated (in moderation).

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