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So, you are interested in the vape pens and products offered by Atmos RX, huh? Well, here at CTU, we made sure to put together the ultimate Atmos RX review to ensure our readers and students have unbiased information available to make an informed decision about Atmos RX and its many products.

If you are on the fence, read this review to help make up your mind. By the end, you might have your preferred vape picked out!

About Atmos RX

Not many other vape companies can say they have 35 patents for their vaping products. Atmos RX takes credit for revolutionizing the handheld vaping market and those patents prove it.

Coupled with their 10+ years of experience in the industry, their products have become synonymous with handheld vaping.

They boast in-house engineering, design, and manufacturing process that boosts quality control beyond what some other fly-by-night vaping companies have to offer.

They pride themselves on their customer service, so if you do happen to make a purchase, don’t hesitate to contact them for support with your new vaping products. You can register your products for a 1-year warranty as well!

Atmos RX Review of Products

This company offers many products, so were are going to look at the cream of the crop: the vaporizers themselves. After all, all the gadgets and accessories that they sell aren’t worth a thing if the Atmos RX vaporizer line of products isn’t up to par! Let’s check each of them out.

Electro Pipe Complete System

This Electro Pipe bundle comes with everything you need to vape everything from dry herb to wax. This is the most modular setup and is best for those who want variety from their vaping product.

Atmos RX Ruva Kit

The Ruva Kit is one of the top choices for dry herb vaporizers in the industry. It heats up to the required temperature quickly with its precision temperature control and refilling with more herb is simple and quick.

Those who want to experience the full essence of what the herb can offer will be happy with the Ruva.

Atmos RX Aegis V2 Kit

The Aegis is another dry herb vaporizer that focuses on ensuring the herbs don’t reach combustion temperatures and true vaping is accomplished.

This increases the lifespan of the equipment and provides a healthier way to consume the herbs than traditional combustion. This vaporizer is simply built to last!

Atmos RX Vicod 5G 2nd Generation KIt

If you want discretion with your vape, the Vicod is the right kit for you. It has the ability to vape dry herb and wax, making it a logical choice if you like both methods of consumption.

Its memory function for temperature is a nice feature. When you find that perfect temperature for vaping, you don’t want to try and remember it for next time. The Vicod will remember it for you.

Astra 2 Kit

The Astra 2 is the dry herb vaporizer for those who want a good amount of dry herb capacity in their vape while still being able to hold it in the palm of their hand. It features many of the same functions as other Atmos RX vapes as well.

Jump Kit

The Jump Kit delivers the right combination of durable and compact. It’s a lightweight vape that outperforms competitors that cost much more than the budget-friendly Jump vape.

Swiss Kit

As the name may imply, this vape kit is meant to be the most functional in multiple ways. It works with many different chambers, functions as a rig insert, and offers high-speed heat-up time. The swiss-army knife of the vaping world may be right here!

Electro Dabber Kit

Those needing a vape for wax products on-the-go will be pleased with the Electro Dabber. If fast and easy is what you are shopping for, you’ve found the one.

Micro Pal Kit

The Micro Pal is great for wax and oil-based vaping. It works with the majority of 510 cartridges, both pre-filled and refillable. Offering quick removal and replacement of the cartridge and a smooth and flavorful experience, the Micro Pal may be your best friend.

Greedy M2 Kit

This one features a smart battery that adjusts the voltage necessary for the attached cartridge. Vaping wax has never been so smart.

Pillar Kit

This designer-style dry herb vaporizer is powerful and versatile, as it can convert to vaping wax as well.

Boss Bundle

The Boss dry herb vape pen is the perfect starter vape for those looking to try out dry herb vape pens for the first time.

Kiln RA Kit

This wax vape has a large capacity, satisfying the needs of even the most avid wax vapers.

Dry Herb Kit

The Atmos RX Dry Herb vaporizer is a simple, yet effective vaporizer with a smooth vapor and minimal aroma. Discrete and effective!

R2 Kit

A vape pen capable of vaping dry herb and wax. It’s a great choice for those on a budget who still need versatility.

Junior Kit

The Junior is the most discrete wax vape that Atmos has to offer. It’s still quite reliable and durable, however.

Nano Prime Kit

Oil vaping isn’t always seen as discrete or convenient. But, with the Nano Prime, it sure can be!

Bullet Kit

Built with portability in mind, the Bullet is the best option for an all-around on-the-go vape for those on a tight budget.

Jewel Kit

You can hide this wax vape in the palm of your hand, making it easy to take wherever and whenever you need it. It still holds quite a lot of wax for those who need a little more capacity than many discrete units offer.

Vital Kit

A no-nonsense oil vape pen with a 1.6 ml tank. Budget-friendly and useful. What else should be said?

Everything Else

Atmos RX also stocks batteries, attachments, replacement parts, accessories to expand your Atmos vape pen use, and plenty of Atmos cartridges to choose from. If you need something for your vape, Atmos RX has you covered.

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No need to worry about aftermarket attachments since this brand has done its due diligence to create accessories, attachments, and components readily available on their website!

Best Atmos RX Coupon

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Final Words About Atmos RX Review

Those looking to purchase from an established brand that has been working in the industry for years will be quite happy with Atmos RX. With them owning many patents for vape pens and other handheld vapes, it’s no wonder that many other brands try to model themselves after what Atmos RX puts out!

Their products are great and are backed by a 1-year warranty, meaning you have little to risk and plenty to gain with the myriad of vaping products offered by Atmos RX!

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