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In the cannabis industry, the signs are evident that there is a boom that cannot be ignored, even by lawmakers. With this come advantages and opportunities for entrepreneurship and business. There are also chances for savvy consumers to learn more, cannabis culture hounds to come out of the woodworks and for marijuana events to dominate the industry. All of these activities can sometimes cause some sort of confusion for the sole reason that the industry seems to be so vast. For this reason, there are several questions posed, especially for those who are newcomers to the states where marijuana is legal.

The Current Situation

The HEMPFST, 420 Rally, Freedom Rally and Emerald Cup are all marijuana events that take place on a yearly basis in Seattle, Denver and Boston respectively. These marijuana events attract many likeminded individuals from across the world and the nation. Most of them meet to network, become informed, commiserate, share ideas and get to understand the history and lifestyle of marijuana. There are other popular cannabis events that have paved the way for smaller groups of people meeting to network and become educated. Don't be surprised if these become larger than life in the near future as the large ones today did start from small and humble beginnings. So, it is safe to say that today, cannabis has moved from just a green plant to a major niche and then to a mainstream explosion.

Historical Marijuana Events

Although, marijuana events are now popping up all over the place almost on a daily basis, especially in locations where weed is legal, in the past, these events were like a protest more than a celebration. The HEMPFEST in the city of Seattle is one of the most popular and debatable the longest running since it begun in 1991. During that time, the event was known as a ‘smoke in.' Once the event became more popular, the promoters added food and music.  Let us look at some other marijuana events.

420 Rally in Denver

The 420 Rally that takes in Denver each year is one of Colorado's most popular marijuana events. Over the years, cannabis has received lots of attention and has grown in public normalcy and popularity. Even politicians and celebrities are recognizing the benefits of the marijuana plant and the impact of the marijuana industry. Many of these marijuana events host seminars to educate the public about the culture and benefits of the marijuana plant. This has played a huge part in the event. Some non-profit advocate groups and organizations also get involved in the celebration and also share information that they might have on the laws governing marijuana and its industry. Organizations like the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) are usually in attendance to provide their professional input.

Become an Attendee

If you have never been an attendee, it is time to reconsider that option as you will benefit from the takeaway and the benefits. At the event, you might learn things like the best marijuana dispensaries, and changing marijuana laws, which will be definitely helpful in the current and near future. You may meet industry leaders, business owners and other cannabis consumers with a likeminded view on the industry.

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Safe to Attend

These marijuana events are fun and educational, but it also gives attendees a sense that the industry is growing and being more readily accepted. If you attend one of these festivals today, you most likely won't be arrested since everyone is there for the same reasons and you wouldn't find the feds conducting a raid. So, it is safe to attend and share the celebration with other attendees. If you live in states that have legalized weed, check the local listings for marijuana events that will take place in your area this year. Learn more about marijuana events with a visit to Cannabis Training University, the leading marijuana school.

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