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If you or someone you know loves to play with the latest cannabis tech, you'll enjoy our list of the best cannabis gadgets for the tech-obsessed user. Gone are the days where you only had a hand or water pipe to smoke from. Now, you have a wide variety of cool and innovative tools to power your sessions.

Our list of high-tech and high-end gear will streamline your daily ritual so you can enjoy your cannabis with minimal complications. Shop everything from automated joint rollers to ultra-sleek vaporizers for your concentrates. Our high-tech product guide has got it all.

The Otto by Banana Bros

The art of rolling a joint has come a long way. Banana Brothers’ Otto machine is an all-in-one grinder and cone filler. It's smart technology produces an even grind and filled joint for maximum airflow and no blockage.

Made with aerospace engineer aluminum mailing plates, the Otto grinder adjusts pressure, speed, and direction based on the texture and consistency of your cannabis. Now, there's no mess when filling up your cone. All you need to do is twist the end and light up.

Shop jet black or radiant gold color options.

The Peak Pro by Puffco

Puffco's Peak Pro desktop vaporizer is one of the most high-tech cannabis gadgets around. Whether you're a beginner or daily dabber, the Peak Pro offers a user-friendly and efficient way to enjoy any type of concentrate.

The Peak Pro offers the most innovative customization and control tools for a personalized experience. Sharp lines, a sleek design, and tons of vaporizing power, what more could you want from a vaporizer?

Compared to the original Peak, the Peak Pro offers a higher-capacity chamber and a new Oculus carb cap that allows you to see the magic bubbling first-hand. A directional air-path provides maximum vapor production.

App-enabled control allows you to create and save dozens of custom heat profiles, customize temperature time, and LED color. A live state display shows data such as your bowl’s temperature, daily dabs, and total dabs.

KEEP Cannabis Storage

Named one of Time’s and CES’ best inventions of 2020, the KEEP is an intelligently designed storage device for the 21st century with its simple and clean design and high-end tech under the hood.

Enjoy fully customizable, bright display lights featuring the time, temperature, and humidity levels plus a personalized greeting. Available in chalk white or slate black, it's a sharp piece of tech you want to show off.

Designed by dads who know the struggle of keeping cannabis safe from kids, this storage device uses two-factor authentication and biometric face and fingerprint unlock to ensure only you gain access.

Even if you forget to close the lid, the auto-lock feature locks on its own after a certain time. It's on board accelerometer will even inform you if your device is being moved or tampered with. Its WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities always keep your device updated and ready for action.

Source Turbo by ExtractCraft

ExtractCraft’s Source Turbo appliance is intended for the at-home user who wants to safely extract cannabinoids from flower using ethanol. Make high-quality cannabis oil from your favorite cannabis strain.

Simply soak your dry herb in ethanol or alcohol and then strain it to remove the impurities and plant matter. The remaining oil is placed in the machine’s extraction chamber and then you press start.

A bluetooth enabled app allows you to check on the temperature, time, altitude, and vacuum level. The Source Turbo includes a complete unit with a teflon-coated crucible and an ice tray for the cooling lid. It’s a fancy extraction device you’ll want to display with pride.

VioSparc by Cinderwitch

Cinderwitch, a Smoke Cartel company, offers premium ignition devices for the high-tech dabber. They sell industry-leading butane and electronic torches for your dry herb or concentrate sessions.

The VioSparc flameless lighter is designed for bowls of all types. Cinderwitch’s flameless lighter comes in a smart design so you simply place the lighter over the flower and press and hold the power button.

They're unique plasma arc flame technology lights your buds with a purple double electric arc. Flameless, rechargeable, and windproof, this fancy lighter is perfect for outside smoke sessions and travel.

They also carry a triple-jet flame dab torch with an ergonomic design and adjustable flame power for dab rigs.

PRESSO Personal Heat Press by Rosineer

Rosineer’s PRESSO heat press machine is a simple and stylish rosin press meant for home use. Choose from four colors including ivory white, veteran green, gold yellow, and dusty red.

It’s lightweight enough to carry around the house or elsewhere, but has a maximum pressing force of 1500 lb.

Pressing your flowers for rosin is easier than ever, simply set your temperature and time on the digital control panel and press start. It's solid aluminum heat insulated plates can be set to different temperatures. You can also adjust the pressure between the plates for different plant material volumes.

LEAF Automated Grow System

The LEAF is a “plug ‘n’ plant” machine with a clean and minimalist design capable of growing cannabis from home. Connect your machine to an app which allows you to control temperature, humidity, lighting, pH balance, and nutrient dosing.

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You can also connect your machine to your home's water and sewer system for automatic watering. An on-board carbon filter reduces odors and you can even use the machine to share your flower with it's drying mode.

As you can see, cannabis tech is moving at a blazing fast speed. Pretty soon, many of our growing and smoking activities will become automated with precision temperature controls and other futuristic functionalities.

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