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Let's examine some of the best Cannabis Rolling Trays on the market. Whether you like to consume weed from joints, spliffs, blunts, glass pipes, or vaporizers, a rolling tray is an essential component to elevating your cannabis experience. Cannabis rolling trays provide you with a flat surface to make rolling or packing a bowl easier than ever. Whatever ground-up weed flower doesn’t land in the bowl or paper is collected in the tray.

Trays come in all shapes and sizes. A large tray can hold all your cannabis accessories and more. A magnetic rolling tray can keep your papers firmly attached to the tray. A glass rolling tray can match your other glass pieces. If you’re in the market for a dependable marijuana prep tray, we’ve assembled a list of the best cannabis rolling trays for any type of budget.

Marley Natural

Marley Natural not only produces premium flower buds, pre-rolls, and oil cartridges, but also has a line of body care essentials and smoking accessories. Among their sleek and wood-accented cannabis accessories, you’ll find their premium multi-use prep tray in small ($65) and large ($78) sizes. Each tray is made from an elegant black walnut wood base and finished in teak oil for a warm and glossy luster. The trays feature a contoured cutout corner for easy clean-up and a wooden scraper with a built-in magnet to make your weed prep easier.


RAW is one of the most recognized brands in the cannabis industry because of their natural and effective rolling papers. They sell everything from pre-made cones and joint tips to cannabis rolling trays made of a variety of materials. Choose from metal, wood, glass, magnetic, XXL, or limited-edition rolling trays depending on your needs. RAW’s classic rolling tray was crafted around a decade ago and now comes in mini, small, or large sizes.

If you’re looking for a wide selection of rolling trays, check out RAW’s multifunctional tray designs. Their XXL trays are perfect to hold all your accessories and comes with folding legs for superior convenience and support. RAW’s bamboo rolling trays include multiple panels that can be disassembled and reconfigured for your preferred use.


There aren’t too many cannabis humidor companies around, but Cannador makes unique and artisan-crafted, albeit a bit pricey, cannabis storage options to preserve your flower’s freshness. Cannador’s mahogany rolling tray ($39) is handcrafted and finished with a mineral oil to make its dark and rich colors stand out. Load your vaporizer or roll your joint over this sophisticated rolling tray. The tray features a cut-out corner to make cleaning easier.


Myster’s Stashtray ($149) is a magnetic rolling tray and storage space all-in-one. Myster’s magnetic stainless-steel tray features a chic and reflective sheen. The tray bundle comes with a magnetic stash box, flower container, grinder, ashtray with pipe cleaner, magnetic lighter case, and a sheet of magnetic stickers to keep your papers and accessories close to you at all times.


All the trays in Lionhead’s line of rolling trays are simple, affordable, and functional. For just $12.99, you can purchase their 0.35mm thick rolling tray made of durable aluminum. Choose from a matte-finished black, green, white, galaxy, or Rasta-color weed rolling trays, each featuring a large golden weed leaf in the middle. Their tray bundle comes with a RAW rolling papers, a roller machine, and a plastic loader.


If you’re a fan of oil-finished wood trays, you’ll love RYOT’s handcrafted rolling trays ($40) made from American walnut and finished with linseed oil. Their simple design features over-vert walls, like most trays, enabling you to scoop up flower onto bowls or joints. A corner funnel can be used to load flower or clean up after use. The tray’s walnut frame features a dark and rich luster that can be maintained over time with proper care.


Shop at Tetra for lustrous and high-end cannabis accessories like their selection of functional rolling trays. Are you a fan of bold colors? Go for the Chroma trays made by Other Kingdom. Choose a small electric blue ($56) or a medium peach ($86) tray made from steel and finished with a powder coat. Slots at each corner let you load or clean up however you like. Even if you’re not rolling a joint, these trays can fit into a household with multiple statement pieces.

The Magma tray comes in small ($49) or large ($119) sizes. Each tray is made from hand-poured resin to create a swirled-marble pattern in black and white. If you’re looking for something fancier, check out the rib tray and brush set ($150) in black or natural maple wood colors. A circular flat tray can be used for prepping or rolling weed. The minimalist and practical horsehair brush can be used to clean up the excess weed bits.

Cannabis rolling trays aren’t just for those that like to roll joints or smoke out of glass pipes. Vaping weed also requires a dedicated space to load the vape chamber and store your weed accessories. Rolling trays are convenient and stylish accessories that streamline your smoking or vaping sessions. Best of all, they can be as affordable or luxurious as you want. Each tray makes your smoking space neater and more enjoyable to use.

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