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Best Cannabis Dispensaries. Marijuana buds and prescription bottles.

Best Marijuana Dispensaries

Our fans have spoken and the votes are in for their favorite medical marijuana dispensaries. Here are the top 10 of 2020.

10. WestSide Caregivers – Los Angeles, CA

This place gives out free wax hits when you purchase $40 or more of meds! Plus they have a hash hit happy hour!

9. Venice Medical Center – Los Angeles, CA

Some of the best extracts that we've ever seen! Highly recommended!

8. Wellness520 Collective – Tucson, AZ

This dispensary is representing for the state of Arizona! Even though AZ has some whack-ass mmj laws! Quality herb at a decent price.

7. Wellness 702 Collective – Las Vegas, NV

Our favorite place to load up with all of our meds before a long weekend of gambling, drinking, and losing one of our friends on the roof of our hotel.

6. The Green Solution – Denver, CO

Great pricing and a huge selection. We recommend going here before you visit a Colorado Rockies game. They set their customers up with OZ's for as low as $140!

5. New Millennium – Seattle, WA

Wow! Huge selection. Great edibles and concentrates. Leading the way in the Seattle area.


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4. Portland Patient Resource Collective – Portland, OR

Very friendly staff. Good selection of meds. Nice atmosphere. Chill crowd!

3. Harborside Health Center – Oakland, CA

The world's biggest, baddest dispensary! Has it's own TV show! Huge store. Huge selection. Free wellness treatments for members. A must see.

2. Holistic Health Care Co-Op – San Jose, CA

Friendliest staff we've seen. Small store but great prices. Nice concentrates and flowers. Delicious edibles. Ask for “Pat”. He's da man!

1. Berkeley Patients Care Collective – Berkeley, CA

This is our favorite dispensary to date! Our go-to when in need. High quality meds and concentrates. Huge selection of edibles. Very knowledgeable staff. Tested Medication. A must visit when you are in the Berkeley area.

Feel free to comment on your favorite marijuana dispensaries, and some of your experiences at them around the country. We'd love to hear from you.

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Which do you think are the best marijuana dispensaries?

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