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In no particular order, we’ve compiled the best weed sites to buy weed online – based on proper research in terms of legitimacy. We looked far and wide and all based on the foundational factor of whether the company itself is licensed and authorized to sell cannabis.

Best Sites to Buy Weed Online

Ganja4High Marijuana Dispensary

A man holding marijuana from a buy weed online website.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Ganja4High offers safe cannabis delivery nationwide and worldwide. Their service includes the offering of flowers, edibles, hash, wax, concentrates and an array of other cannabis products.

With a commitment to the future of the legal marijuana industry, Ganja4High pays close attention to customers’ needs. Ordering with them online requires membership, met with safe and discreet delivery.

Micanna Delivery

Delivering the highest quality and variety of cannabis in Michigan, Micanna is licensed and approved by the Michigan Regulatory Agency. Online orders are delivered 7 days a week in a fast and efficient manner. To order online, you simply have to provide your phone number and follow the prompts until you’ve added some goodies to your cart.


As a licensed San Francisco Cannabis Delivery Service, Weedhub can be trusted to deliver medical and recreational approved marijuana throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Offering some of the most competitive prices on the market, their constantly revolving menu hosts a wide range of premium name-brand cannabis products.

C3 Delivery

Popularly known as California’s premier cannabis delivery service, C3 delivery serves the whole of Alameda, Contra Costa, Sonoma, San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Francisco and Marin Counties with a speedy 1-hour ETA.


If you live in the Los Angeles or Orange County area and need your cannabis fast, you’re in luck with Grassdoor. Grassdoor will deliver your order in 45 minutes or less, and offer free shipping for orders more than $75. Make your pick from top-notch flower to edibles on the website.


With their sights set on becoming the best cannabis delivery service in the world, Emjay has a big selection available at fast delivery times. Shop a premium selection of edibles, vapes, flower, extracts, tinctures and much more for a great price. Emjay also offers a variety of nice daily deals throughout the month.

420 Che Meds

With worldwide and nationwide shipping, it’s hard not to include 420 Che Meds on this list of best weed sites to buy weed online. As a leading medicinal Online Marijuana Dispensary, these guys and gals are committed to excellence, and only hire and train the most qualified and knowledgeable staff.

420 Che Meds is committed to providing the highest quality products possible on a consistent basis. How they plan to do this, is through their very own 70,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, pharmaceutical grade cultivation and processing facilities located in Texas and California.

Weedpanda Shop

Weedpanda started in early 2007 in Colorado, USA, born out of a need and passion to make weed available anyone and everyone. Born out of a dream to provide the world with high grade cannabis products, Weed Panda transmits the love, peace, serenity, better health and all good things associated cannabis,

Have rapidly grown from delivering about 200 order per month in 2010 to delivering 2000 packages per month by the end of 2016, Weedpanda are becoming one of the fastest growing and trusted cannabis businesses.

House of Dank

With their dispensary located in Detroit, House of Dank is committed to providing world-class cannabis and cannabis products to all interested cannabis connoisseurs. Make your selection from various types of flower, concentrates, edibles, CBD and other products that make House of Dank a leading provisioning center in Michigan.


Buy your weed online from this licensed company. Every one of our items are lawful and ensured. We give close consideration to quality. Ganja4meds that centers around the quality of items as well as administrations. That is the reason we have a powerful supervisory crew that guarantees the smooth and beneficial collaboration between our accomplices.

Herb Approach

Recognized as Canada’s premiere online dispensary, Herb Approach specializes in holistic health and natural healing. Succeeding to provide you with top-quality medicine from British Columbia’s very own licensed producers, you can be assured of top-grade cannabis that comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Order ahead from Livwell and arrange to pick up your medicine at any one of their 22 dispensaries, conveniently located across Colorado. Shop their online catalogue comprising of 300+ products including all of your favorite brands.


Serving the San Francisco and Sonama County areas with trusty weed delivery, SPARC is a long-trusted source for the highest quality cannabis. Their cannabis products are sustainably grown on their Sonoma County estate in fully organic field with mother nature’s best: Natural sunlight.

BC Cannabis Stores

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch is a public retailer of non-medical legal cannabis throughout Canada – under the brand BC Cannabis Stores. BC Cannabis Stores is committed to providing you – the customer – with high-quality cannabis products and information through responsible channels that provide expert service. Make your pick from their great selection on their website.

Laws around buying cannabis online:

Currently, it is federally illegal to ship cannabis across state lines in the United States, regardless of its legality in both the origin and destination states. This includes purchasing online and having it mailed to you.

However, some states with legal cannabis have implemented systems for online ordering and delivery within the state. These systems usually involve licensed dispensaries offering online menus and delivery services.

Here's a breakdown of the legality of buying cannabis online:


  • Ordering online and picking up at a licensed dispensary in a state where recreational or medical cannabis is legal.
  • Delivery services operated by licensed dispensaries in states that allow it.


  • Buying cannabis online from a non-licensed source regardless of location.
  • Having cannabis shipped to you across state lines even if both states have legalized it.


The legal potency limit for THC (the main psychoactive compound in cannabis) varies by state. It's crucial to check the specific regulations in the state where you're purchasing.

Forms allowed:

The forms of cannabis allowed for online purchase and delivery also vary by state. Some states allow various forms like flower, edibles, concentrates, and vapes, while others have restrictions.

Where it can and cannot be done:

Currently, only a few states allow online ordering and delivery of cannabis:

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Michigan
  • Oregon
  • Washington

Other states may allow online ordering but require in-person pick-up at a licensed dispensary. It's important to research the specific regulations in your state.

Here are some resources for further information:

It's important to stay informed about the evolving legal landscape surrounding cannabis and to consult reliable sources before attempting to purchase online.

Delta 8 and Delta 9 Laws

Delta 8:
Federally legal, as long as it's derived from hemp and contains 0.3% THC or less.
Legality varies by state, with some states restricting or banning it entirely.

Delta 9:
Federally illegal.
Legality varies by state, with some states legalizing it for recreational or medical use.

Buying Online:

Delta 8:
Some states allow online purchase of Delta 8 products, while others don't.
It's crucial to check the specific regulations in your state.
Even if legal, some online retailers may not ship to your state.

Delta 9:
You cannot legally buy Delta 9 online from a non-licensed source regardless of location.
In states where recreational or medical cannabis is legal, online ordering and delivery may be available from licensed dispensaries.


Delta 8:
Generally legal to ship across state lines, as long as the THC content is 0.3% or less.
However, some states have restrictions or bans on shipping Delta 8 products.
It's important to check both the origin and destination state laws before shipping.

Delta 9:
It is federally illegal to ship Delta 9 across state lines, even if both states have legalized it.
Doing so may result in legal consequences.

Delta 8:
The legal potency limit for Delta 8 varies by state.
Generally, it should be 0.3% THC or less to be considered legal.

Delta 9:
The legal potency limit for Delta 9 varies by state.
States that have legalized recreational cannabis typically have a potency limit for THC content in products.

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Here are some resources for further information:

Delta 9 THC:

National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA):

Marijuana Policy Project (MPP):

It's crucial to stay informed about the evolving legal landscape surrounding Delta 8 and Delta 9 and to consult reliable sources before purchasing or shipping these products.

Wrapping Up Online Cannabis Shopping

When it comes to the best sites to buy weed online, there are loopholes and scammers to avoid. We hope this list succeeded in providing you several safe and legal ways to buy weed. Happy toking.

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