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With the fast growing and noticeable activity of the cannabis market for recreational marijuana in Las Vegas, companies such as Friday Night Inc., a Canadian marijuana company specializing in cultivation is carving out their space for stronger and consistent sales.

The Subsidiary

Friday Night Inc. has also acquired a subsidiary of its company known as Alternative Medicine Association. This subsidiary produces a line of cannabis products in the form of extracts. The subsidiary has reached high sales potential since its inception. But, the company and its subsidiary want to create a larger footprint in the city of Las Vegas. The CEO of Friday Night Inc. was prepared for an influx in demand for recreational cannabis and that is exactly what took place, but other companies were not prepared. Friday Night Inc. was the marijuana company that prepared for the demand and they have been successful in sales.

The Market

In the city of Las Vegas, the high per capita recreational marijuana use, in addition to the tourism market indicates that this cannabis market share will be one of the largest around the world. For this reason, Friday Night Inc. a marijuana company established in Canada wants to keep in the fray and be one of the product distributors that people rely on to fill the demand.  Friday Night Inc has signed a contract with Blackbird, a delivery and logistic company to do the distribution for them in Las Vegas for medical marijuana. They are the first company to go into partnership with Blackbird. The company wanted to get into the distribution network to avoid logistic and delivery issues.

The Licenses

Blackbird was the first marijuana company to receive a license on July 12, 2017 for distributing medical and recreational marijuana. Rebel One got the second marijuana license. There are other license applications pending as we speak. The state is working continuously to get those applicants licensed.

The Press Release

Friday Night Inc. put out a press release dated July 17, 2017 to announce the license received for production and cultivation of recreational marijuana sales. This license was approved by the Nevada Department of Taxation. The next day, the company entered into a contract with Blackbird for distribution and delivery. Even before signing the agreement with this marijuana company, Friday Night Inc. had a box of cannabis product worth $200,000 waiting at the door for Blackbird to pick up. This was done to prevent any product delivery backlog. That was a bit much taking place in just one week and the license approval is what Friday Night Inc. has to thank for it.


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The Obstacles

Friday Night Inc, the marijuana company from Canada, but operating in Las Vegas has the ability to navigate through any obstacles related to distribution. The company has background in regulations and experience in distribution. The two founders of the company bring their years of experience to the table, foreseeing obstacles and finding solutions before they take place.

Suicide Girls Cannabis

In addition to Blackbird, Friday Night Inc. has formed a partnership with Suicide Girls Cannabis or SGC. This is one of the most popular marijuana companies in California with cannabis brands sold in over 200 marijuana dispensaries in the state of California. SGC did sign a letter of intent to help Friday Night Inc. bring their brands from Canada to the Nevada market. An exclusive marijuana product license will be acquired by Friday Night Inc. to do business with SGC.

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Friday Night Inc. is not just stopping there. They have partnership collaboration in the making with Vader, which is another marijuana company with a best selling marijuana brand. If you want to know more about Friday Night Inc. and any other marijuana company, go to the Cannabis Training University now.

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