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O Cannabis!

The Canadian Cannabis Day is celebrated on July 1 each year. Yes, that’s right—Canada celebrates all things cannabis on two days: April 20 and July 1. It also happens to fall on the national holiday to celebrate their independence.

If you want to have a safe and fun Canadian Cannabis Day, check out our suggestions on the best ways to celebrate your cannabis pride.

What is the Canadian Cannabis Day?

The world celebrates the gift of cannabis on April 20 (420) each year, but did you know that there is also a Cannabis Day in Canada celebrated on July 1?

Cannabis Day started in Alberta in the late 1970s by the Alberta Legalization of Cannabis Committee and the Canadian Association to Liberate Marijuana.

July 1 is also Canada’s birthday, a national holiday started in 1868 where Canadians across the country celebrate and show their pride through various festivities.

The Canadian Cannabis Day is celebrated in various parks and venues. In 2017, the festivities were held in Vancouver's Thornton Park and sponsored by Cannabis Culture and Sensible BC.

Recent festivities in Thornton Park evolved into a festival where cannabis users, growers, and advocates come together to celebrate this special plant, enjoy live music, and buy cannabis and cannabis-related products.

The official 2020 celebration was canceled due to COVID-19 restrictions, but unofficial celebrations are planned and many will be safely celebrating at home or outdoors.

How to Celebrate Canadian Cannabis Day

There are many ways you can safely celebrate Canadian Cannabis Day alone or with friends and family.

While large, public gatherings have been put on hold for the moment, these suggestions can show you how to celebrate with others either digitally or in person.

people sitting around a bonfire on the beach, new cannabis strains for summer

1. Host a Cannabis Day Barbecue or Potluck

Invite your vaccinated friends and family to celebrate Canada's independence and the legalization of cannabis. If you can’t safely gather together, you can always try your hand at a new edible recipe at home.

Looking to spice up your salad dressings with a touch of cannabis? Try out these cannabis-infused dressing, marinade, and sauce recipes to add THC or CBD into your barbecue dishes.

Complete your barbecue spread with cannabis-infused veggie burgers, pizza, chili, and hummus recipes.

2. Infuse Your Favorite Canadian Foods with Cannabis

Add an intoxicating twist to your favorite Canadian foods by infusing them with cannabis. It can be a great way to celebrate your national pride and the plant’s medicinal power. Think beaver tails, Canadian Pizza, and poutine.

3. Celebrate Canadian Music

Light one up and get this party started by putting on a playlist celebrating the best musicians Canada has to offer. Rush, Celine Dion, Drake, Alanis Morissette, and Leonard Cohen. There are so many more. Check out this Spotify “Made In Canada” playlist.

4. Research the History of Canada

While this day may be known as Canada's birthday, let us not forget the rich and complex history of the country's indigenous culture that existed before the origin of Canada Day or cannabis day.

Free resources such as courses on the indigenous history of Canada are available for students to understand the issues facing this community and the impact of settlers on the land.

5. Watch a Cannabis-Friendly Movie

Invite your vaccinated friends over or host a Netflix party to watch remotely together. Simply download a free browser extension (Netflix Party) to play and pause the same Netflix movie remotely.

You can even chat on the chat bar on the side while you hang out from the comfort of your home. Check out these 4/20-friendly movies on Netflix to help you enjoy Cannabis Day.

Cannabis gift cards in Canada

6. Try a Popular Canadian Cannabis Strain

Make your Cannabis Day one to remember. Celebrate this national holiday by sourcing your favorite Canadian cannabis strains.

Here are just a few to add to your cannabis strain bucket list:

  • Pink Kush
  • Shishkaberry
  • Jean Guy
  • Garlic Cookies/GMO Cookies
  • Black Cherry Punch
  • Wappa
  • Headband
  • Death Bubba
  • Island Sweet Skunk

7. Take a Hike

What better way to celebrate the cannabis national holiday than engaging in a classic cannabis-friendly activity. After consuming cannabis, hit the trails to connect with nature and enjoy its incomparable beauty.

8. Get Artsy

We get it. Sometimes, all you want to do is chillax and let the cannabis take you on a magic carpet ride. If you prefer the introspective and cerebral part of the experience, let cannabis inspire you and unleash your creativity.

Drawing, painting, or any other creative pursuit can help you relieve stress. Whether you prefer adult coloring books or making collages with old magazines, cannabis can provide energizing, relaxing, and blissful feelings to inspire your work.

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Celebrate Canadian Cannabis Day Responsibly

As with any celebration, it can be tempting to overindulge. I mean, it's just one day, right? While it may be tempting to consume all the joints and dabs around you, it is important to keep some common-sense cannabis consumption considerations in mind.

  • Avoid mixing edibles and smoking unless you're a seasoned user
  • Always eat something before taking edibles
  • Avoid mixing cannabis and alcohol
  • If you’re a new user, start with a low dose and gradually build up to your desired effect

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