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Marijuana beer makes its debut in Canada

Cannabis Beer Makes Its Debut in Canada

Cannabis beverages that are brewed have become quite popular around the world; even more so as cannabis becomes legalized in so many places and people are getting in on the action as some are doing in Canada. Yes, cannabis beer is being introduced to the folks in Canada and many people are happy about it. Many of the products being made are diverse and lots more experiments are being done.

This is not surprising because of the rise of recreational cannabis in many places around the world, especially Canada and the United States. Nationally, Canada will be fully legalized as of October 17,, 2018 and this is only a few days away. And for that reason, there is more interest in cannabis beer and other similar products including cannabis edibles and more.

The National Level

In the most recent weeks, Canada has become the first G7 country that legalized cannabis for adult use. There are many people speculating on exactly what this will mean to the consumers in Canada. Since this is going to be the first country to outright legalize cannabis, there will be other countries watching to see what happens and many of them are thinking about decriminalization of cannabis and subsequently legalization. And so, Canada will be the ‘guinea pig' for many countries with the same possible prospect. One of the things that countries will watch is the kind of products being developed and marketed. Province Brands is one country that has put its mark on the industry, focusing on brewing cannabis beer exclusively.

Province Brands

Province Brands is a start up Canadian company and the plan is to release three different kinds of cannabis beer namely, wheat beer, light beer and stout. This will happen in the fall of 2018. No matter if they all contain alcohol or THC; these beers will share common traits. Currently, they are not brewed with cannabis. Instead, they are infused with cannabis oil once they have gone through fermentation. Province Brands is actually located in the city of Toronto and right now, the company is working to do something differently and that is to develop cannabis beer during the brewing process. Province Brands is trying this new process with the help from a research grant of $300,000 and using the expertise of student researchers from Loyalist College located in Belleville.

The Process

This cannabis beer is like no other similar product. This cannabis beer will be brewed from the cannabis plant. This will include the stems and leaves of the cannabis plant. It is the first time that is being done. From the initial brew, the product was not as appetizing as should be expected. However, with instances of trial and error, persistence and hard work, the final product was transformed into a nice tasting cannabis beer; dry, but savory. It is not as sweet as the usual beer products that many are familiar with.

The Category

With regulatory issues in mind, the company does not include alcohol in its cannabis beer. However, it does have about 6.5mg of THC. This is enough to make it potent enough to replace the alcohol. It is not to be categorized as cannabis edible because it is not. Why? Well, due to its high potency and because the liquid is ingested quicker than the edible, it falls into the cannabis beer category.

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Final Thoughts

Province Brands continue to work it hard to prepare for legal cannabis market that is said to begin in a few days from now. As the regulatory framework is finalized, this cannabis beer may not be available to consumers until 2019.

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