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It is quite tragic that even though many states have legalized weed, the feds still have it listed on their Schedule 1 as a dangerous drug. However, if you were to compare cannabis with hard drugs like OxyContin and Xanax, the comparison is not stacked up in favor of hard drugs. Cannabis will win every time. It is possible that many states accept cannabis because of its proven health benefits. For that reason, many states have made cannabis legal and it appears that society has accepted it even more and it is safe to say that the future looks bright.  It has been used to treat various chronic health disorders such as cancer, HIV/AIDS and cancer; just to name a few. Let us take a look at some of the cannabis benefits that prohibited research and the law has held from us for a long time.

The Present

Today, there are quite a number of cannabis myths that have been debunked and because of legalization, medical marijuana has had significantly positive effects for so many people. Bear in mind, though, that there are some restrictions and limits as it relates to marijuana cultivation and possession in some states. There are also qualifying medical conditions in some states than in others. Moreover, legalization does require a prescription from an approved physician. In addition, you have to buy your weed at a licensed marijuana dispensary or facility. There are a few states that have also legalized recreational cannabis.

The Benefits and The Battle

Cannabis benefits are real and an obvious thing and yet, there are people who shun it and are against it.  Many doctors, however, are jumping onboard and getting approval to recommend alternative methods of healing. The Big Pharmaceutical companies do not like it nor does the alcohol companies either. That is where the fight is because they think that cannabis benefits will overrule them and they are probably right, but it is healthier for people. It is all about the billions of dollars involved and it is not about people's well-being. People who drink alcohol will not quit smoking weed. People who rely on pharmaceutical drugs are not going to do anything of the sort. And people who know and experienced cannabis benefits are going to still continue to smoke weed, no matter what the law says.

The Patient

If you are a patient and have experienced cannabis benefits might want to continue using it for treatment to their health issues. They would rather do this than to use harsh medication that take a toll on the body and have multiple side effects. In Trump's Era and before, Opioid drugs are rampantly popular and destroying the lives of so many people. The addiction to Opioid drugs is an epidemic and it might sound odd that cannabis benefits can be an alternative to helping with the treatment of this addiction. For years, methadone was used to help with the withdrawal symptoms associated with Opioid addiction. Methadone is also a dependent drug and one can overdose on it. Why wouldn't it be replaced with cannabis since it is less addictive and has no side effects? In addition, if you were to use methadone, you would have to be admitted to a clinic. With cannabis, you would not have to be and it would help to treat your withdrawal symptom more effectively.

Alleviating Pain

Cannabis benefits people who have chronic pain. Many people who have cancer and experienced the side effects related to chemotherapy have found out how much cannabis benefits them, relieving nausea and vomiting. It is also used to help the cancer patient improve their appetite.

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Final Thoughts

Other health relief that people experience with cannabis are glaucoma, Alzheimer's, and epilepsy as well as seizures. If the federal government could remove marijauna from their Schedule 1 classification and make it nationally legalized, then so many people with Opioid addiction would find the help needed. But is Donald Trump open to such proven results, even to try it? No one knows, but time will tell. Learn more about cannabis benefits by visiting the Cannabis Training University's cannabis education courses.

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