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Cannabis consumers that want to search online to find information will usually use terms such as marijuana, pot, cannabis and weed. It does matter which terms you use since the industry is evolving and changing from what it was in the past. Many cannabis consumers will gather additional information, if certain terms are used. One of the things to bear in mind when searching is what is currently trending. Many cannabis consumers are quite savvy and smart when searching for variations of marijuana. Let us take a look at how consumers search.

The Major Search Engine

Google is one of the major search engines that cannabis consumers use to conduct their searches. From the search results, there is an obvious preference for certain search terms. However, you cannot depend on the volume of the search to determine which term is more popular. In fact, the volume of the search will usually provide only a snapshot and nothing else.

Over time, though, the data and the trends can work as essential clues. If you were to look at the search trends related to words like cannabis and marijuana, you would find that marijuana receives more searches and these remain stable over past years. In the meantime, searches done for cannabis are trending as the industry experiences more growth. Some believe that it will surpass marijuana within a few more years.

Collective Search Volume

Similarly, the collective volume of searches for subtopics have seen great results. In 2014, for example, subtopics related to marijuana received more collective volume of searches. However, since then, the collective volume of searches for cannabis related topics surpassed that of marijuana. This may also be attributed to the cannabis industry growth and what cannabis consumers are actually searching for. Current data shows that this only continues to show an increase and is not letting up.

The Terms

Many in the industry have established and confirmed that the term cannabis is actually the scientific term. Many cannabis consumers seem to be recognizing that fact. If you want to be deemed legitimate in the cannabis industry, you should be aware that the word ‘cannabis' is the most accepted. The evolution of language seems to be making its way into marijuana legalization.

Therefore, in conducting your search, do not avoid using cannabis. In fact, you should always attach it to another word such as ‘medical' or use it as an alternative to the word ‘marijuana.' It is obvious that since so many states have been legalized for marijuana or cannabis, these terms have found their way into mainstream. Many people prefer to use cannabis instead of marijuana since the former word has less bias associated with it.

Slow Acceptance

These days, medical cannabis has less interest than medical marijuana. The reason could be due to the slow acceptance. It is apparent that medical cannabis is catching up and may soon surpass medical marijuana in search results. For that reason, it is only wise that medical marijuana dispensaries also use medical cannabis dispensaries to describe their business. If not, they will be losing out on targeted cannabis consumers.

The Subtopics

As people gain knowledge about the cannabis industry, many are also realizing that there is more to it than meets the eye. For example, there has been interest in the search term ‘coffee shop' since these have become quite popular in places like Amsterdam. Subtopics like ‘how to grow pot' or how to grow weed have shown a lot of interests as well. To remain ahead of the trends, it is best to invest time in learning about the search results of cannabis consumers.

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