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Cannabis gifts for Father's Day are the perfect way to bring joy to any man in your life. Whether they're a new or long-time user, dads will enjoy the variety of whole-flower, concentrated, or infused gifts that will surely make their special Sunday that much more memorable!

Shopping for Cannabis Gifts for Father's Day

Shopping for cannabis gifts for Father's Day is never an easy task! Honing in on a hobby like cannabis is a great way to ensure you'll get them something they'll treasure. Plus, they'll know you truly thought about what they appreciate.

Here are a few general tips for shopping for cannabis gifts for Father's Day:

  • Consider what type of cannabis products your dad uses. Does he have any favorite strains? Does he prefer edibles? By knowing their go-to products, you can select an accompanying accessory to go with it.
  • Consider their tolerance. Is your dad new to cannabis? Avoid high-THC products, which can cause negative side effects. Start with low-dose, CBD options such as CBD edibles, tinctures, or topicals.
  • Consider their experience and consumption habits. For instance, if your dad is not the best joint roller, maybe give them a pre-rolled joint pack or a joint rolling machine to make the process simple.

For Medicinal Users: Goldleaf’s Patient Journal ($24.95,

We know how hard and intimidating it can be to use cannabis as medicine, especially for the first time. That is why Goldleaf’s Patient Journal is so helpful. Even long-time users can benefit from writing down their experiences including dose duration, cannabinoid effects, and more. The minimalistic, dark navy cover with gold emblem ensures it's modern and discreet so they can pull it out anywhere, anytime to track usage.


For the Cannabis Smoker: Organic Hemp Wick ($7-$10/200 ft. spool, Amazon)

One of the most affordable ways to improve your dad’s smoking experience is to give them an organic alternative to the traditional butane lighter to light their dry herb. Organic hemp wicks are hemp twine coated in beeswax that burns slowly like a candle wick. Hemp wicks allow your dad to burn his weed at a lower temperature, which makes for better-tasting cannabis with a better aroma.


For the Joint Roller: RAW Hemp Plastic Joint Rolling Machine ($3-$9, Amazon)

Sure, rolling a joint is easy, but what if it could be easier? RAW’s hemp plastic joint rolling machine is the first-of-its-kind made from natural hemp composite plastic. In addition, it is made in the oldest existing rolling machine factory in Kudus, on Java Island, Indonesia. Shop machines in 3 sizes: 70mm, 79mm, and 110mm.


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For the Terp Connoisseur: HOMESICK 4/20 Candle ($34,

You don't have to get high to enjoy the fragrance and pleasant aroma of cannabis. If your dad is a known terpene aficionado, HOMESICK’s 4/20 natural soy wax blend candle fills the room with good vibrations with its complex bouquet of cannabis aromas. Experience notes of bergamot, cannabis, patchouli, cedarwood, sandalwood, and musk.


For the Bud and Wax User: Pax 3 ($250,

There are plenty of incredible vaping options to choose from, but none stands out more than the Pax 3 vaporizer. It's capable of handling both dry herb and concentrates for easy and convenient consumption on the go. Its sleek design comes in a variety of colors including onyx, sand, burgundy, and sage. Be careful buying this one from third-party sellers as they may not be genuine.


For the Dad Who Doesn’t Want to Get High: AltSmokes Hemp Cigarettes ($13.99-19.99/pack,

If your dad prefers the high-free experience of CBD, give them a pack or carton of AltSmokes’ premium hemp cigarettes, also known as hempettes. These convenient and ready-to-smoke hempettes are made from 100% American-grown hemp, so they won't produce an intoxicating effect. Choose from the Original, Mint, or Motorhead Ace of Spades Special Edition version.

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