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Cannabis consumers tend to love to buy in bulk as it drops the price per unit of cannabis and extra weed never hurts. The dedication of most consumers to smoke only premium flower has led to seed breeders stepping up their game.

Maintaining the moisture levels needs to be done and regular stash boxes simply will not deliver. That's where a cannabis humidor comes in.

A humidor is made from cedar wood and allows around 60 percent humidity to be retained. The importance of this is that it is the same humidity level as a greenhouse that is growing cannabis.  

You are still going to need a rolling tray or a place to put your humidor to store it. The regulation of humidity is important as you don’t want the buds to dry out or become moldy from too much humidity being present. Moldy buds can be dangerous to smoke and likely will ruin all of the buds stored.

The Best Cannabis Humidor Products

If you are figuring out how to keep an ounce fresh, then you need to look at top humidor products for marijuana. Below will highlight some of the best on the market for those looking for a luxury smoking experience.


Cannaseur is a company of woodworkers that take pride in their designs. These cannabis humidors are made of walnut and mahogany. The beauty of this is that it is naturally-sourced wood.

There is an airtight seal that makes it great for storage. The models come in 1 or 2 jars which can be convenient for even the heaviest of consumers. The jars hold around an ounce per jar depending on the density of your marijuana.

The option to add a lock is perfect for those parents that have kids that love to snoop. The company has a Micropore Core humidity regulation technology they have patented. You can notice the levels of humidity easily when opening this humidor.

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The employees at Cannador made a cannabis humidor that looks great and functions well. The humidor can be used for storage of any length.

The company uses mahogany due to the belief it controls moisture in a superior way to cedar. The beauty of the box is that it can be in a common area of the home as it looks like a jewelry box or other common household item.

The Cannador has a system that allows it to lock to keep your stash private. There are a number of models with up to 6 jars that hold around an ounce of marijuana each.

Apothecarry Case

The Apothecarry Case offers so much more than just a cannabis humidor. The accessories include a rolling tray, accessory storage boxes, a cannabis grinder, a joint storage tub, dabber, containers, and 4 glass jars. The other humidors do not offer as much in terms of value as this is truly an entire marijuana organizational box.  

The technology of this humidor is not up to par with others on this list but what it does offer is impressive. Humidity regulation technology is not built into the box which can be concerning for some. The Boveda humidity system allows you to put a small pack in the case to help regulate humidity.

Icky Box

The Icky Box is made by a company named Icky and is quite affordable at under $70 for their largest model. The box comes with a pack that can help keep your marijuana fresh for up to 8 weeks. The box doesn’t carry a huge volume of cannabis so save your most prized marijuana strains for this box.

This model is the most affordable for those that might not smoke huge volumes of marijuana but want to make sure they smoke fresh bud every single time.

How To Store Weed Without A Cannabis Humidor

storing with out a cannabis humidor

The storage of weed has been widely argued over as many have wondered how long does weed stay fresh? There are some that swear that by keeping jars in the refrigerator that the weed will stay fresh. This can work better than leaving your weed out and exposed to the air. 

There are even tips that say to put orange peels in a bag to help preserve marijuana. Vacuum sealed bags can also be an option if you want to store weed without smell that will give it away. 

How long can you store weed? The tough aspect of storing weed for a specific amount of time is knowing when the marijuana was harvested. This information is more readily available for consumers in legal states as the black market is full of secrecy.

Storing weed in the appropriate manner is going to be even more important when you are growing marijuana regularly. Most people have a plant or strain that comes out incredibly that they would like to save long-term. Having a strain that you can rely on or bring out on special occasions is very convenient.

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Growing weed can be challenging if you do not have previous experience. It can take a person years to grow marijuana that they can be proud of. People need to understand a number of variables that impact the yield and potency of a strain.

You can fill your humidor with quality cannabis if you enlist the help of professionals to up your growing game. CTU offers marijuana growing classes online so you can learn from the comfort of home.

Having a nice stockpile of fresh marijuana you have grown over the course of time is always a positive. You can always turn the marijuana into concentrates or edibles if you feel like it is too dry or old to smoke.

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