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The Electrum Partners is an investment firm based in the city of Las Vegas. The company was founded in 2013 by Leslie Bocskor. Since then, the company has achieved a high profile in the cannabis industry. Nothing about this entrepreneur's look is cool. He is just a passionate risk taker that saw the potential of marijuana as it related to the cannabis market. He first did his due diligence, analysis and market research before embarking on this quest of sharing a piece of the cannabis marketplace as an investor to cannabis entrepreneurs.

The Accomplishments

Bocskor became an investment banker of a dot-com company in the 90s. He experienced all the dilemma that came with the dot-com bursts, obsession and bubble. Many people think of this man as the Warren Buffet persona of marijuana. He is shy when you describe him this way since he is such a humble man according to his friends and family. In 2014, out of 100 Most Influential People in the cannabis industry, Bocskor was ranked in 58th position by the Cannabis Business Executive. In 2016, he was name a valuable member of the ArcView Investment Network.

The Conferences

Bocskor is known to be an organizer and participant of many investment conferences related to cannabis. Most of these conferences are held in the city of Seattle, Washington where marijuana is already legalized. Bocksor is one of those cannabis investors that knows his stuff. He has extensive knowledge about the cannabis industry, business and the marijuana plant itself.

The Past

Bocskor decided to invest money in the cannabis industry because he saw firsthand the benefits of marijuana, especially when used for medicinal purposes. Being a retired pilot, Bocskor was the last person, you would think of going into the cannabis industry. At the conferences he attends, Bocskor is one out of two people that was not running a marijuana dispensary. And who possibly did not look at all like the kind of guy who would even be remotely interested in marijuana.

The Goal

Leslie Bocskor decided to invest in cannabis because of its potential. When he puts on his financial investor hat, his goal is to make sure that the cannabis entrepreneur has a business plan, knows what they want out of the project, is innovative and creative, and has an idea of the outcome. He requires that they have some experience and training as well as knowledge of the industry. If you are outside of the USA and are looking to get into the cannabis industry in America, then work with an investor visa attorney who can connect you with investment opportunities. Here is an example of what Bocskor would be looking for in a cannabis entrepreneur with the need of an investor.

John Cue

John is trying to get into the marijuana industry and decided to focus on product distribution in a state that has legalized marijuana. He wants to distribute to marijuana dispensaries, smoke shops and retail stores. However, John also wants to distribute other necessities to this group such as printer toner, toilet paper, copier paper and other essentials needed to successfully operate their business. John is even thinking of selling prepaid phone cards to different smoke shops. Do you think that Bocskor will consider investing in John's company? Of course!

Bocskor wants to invest his money into a business like John's that not only thinks about cannabis distribution, but also distribution of other essentials. That's pretty cool, isn't it? So, if you are looking for investment capital from cannabis investors, don't go into this business thinking with a one-track mind. Diversify the products that you want to distribute. You will get more traction and more attention from different cannabis investors.

Be creative with your cannabis business and cannabis investors will take you more seriously. If you want to learn more about the cannabis industry, enroll in Cannabis Training University's cannabis courses that cover how to start a marijuana business today!

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