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Are you ready to go on a cannabis road trip to Europe? If you are, then it is time to know how to get the best out of your experience and exactly where to go. If you plan a European tour there are many options for a cannabis road trip. But, you need to carefully plan before you go. ‘Europe is one of the most amazing and incredible places to choose for this type of road trip. You will be amazed at the many historical monuments, cuisine, museums, landscapes and other popular attractions.

As a whole, cannabis may not be considered legal in a country like Europe, but there are a few countries where you may be able to obtain some really good cannabis without it being a hassle. All you have to know is where to look and you can have the best cannabis road trip throughout Europe.


You could start with Portugal, although, it doesn't matter where you begin your European trip. You won't have an issue obtaining a cannabis joint in Portugal because the country has already decriminalized cannabis and other drugs. As a result, the people of Portugal are free to smoke cannabis and get high as much as they want without issues with the law.

Since cannabis decriminalization, Portugal has seen a drop in the overdose and decline of hard drugs. The most popular variety of cannabis in Portugal is hash. Yes, you can get any amount of raw cannabis too. When you smoke your cannabis or hash, make sure you check out Livraria Lello, which is a Portugal bookstore that has a winding staircase.

You could also check out the Vasco da Gama Bridge located in Lisboa. You can share a joint or spliff with a friend while you ride across the bridge, enjoying the view of the incredible Tagus River. Make sure that you are not smoking cannabis while you walk or the police might turn your cannabis road trip into jail time.


After completing your cannabis road trip in Portugal, then you could move on to Spain. You can smoke cannabis in Spain, but you have to do it privately. This gives you more reason to move on to Barcelona where there are several cannabis clubs to check out.

However, you cannot just walk into these clubs. You have to be referred by a member of these private clubs. If you do not know of any members, you can actually sign up to be a member on your own, but there is going to be an annual fee. You won't get any cannabis buds in these clubs. However, a member in the club should know where to take you to buy some cannabis.

If you don't know, Barcelona is a large city located in Spain. However, if you are interested in seeing the many attractions and sights, it is recommended that you walk on foot.

Check out the public park known as Park Guell where there are several gardens within the park. You will definitely enjoy the mosaics and architectural fundamentals.

On your cannabis road trip, after you have smoked your cannabis and you have gotten the munchies, go get a cup of hot chocolate and delicious pastries just like the local people do.


Now that you have visited Barcelona, Spain, it is now time to take your cannabis road trip to Italy, but especially the northern region. Medical cannabis is legal in Italy, but not recreational cannabis. However, you can get away with consuming cannabis in Italy, if you go to the right location such as Milan where locals will take you to where you can find the best hash.

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For cannabis strains, Turin would be the ideal spot. Don't go on the streets asking for cannabis because you might get the worst quality. If you go to clubs and musical events, you will find some good cannabis.

Final Thoughts

Other places in Europe to visit on your cannabis road trip are Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. If you want to know more about kicking off a cannabis road trip in Europe and other countries around the world, visit Cannabis Training University's blog page.

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