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Usually, a recreational marijuana enthusiast will take pride in effective cannabis storage to have a fresh product to use. The methods of storing weed are kind of tricky. You have to contend with things like temperature, the right container and lighting. These variables can affect the product's quality. Moreover, the right container is essential for optimum quality and freshness.

The cannabis storage will depend on the kind of product that you need to put away in containers. Whether you are storing dry herbs or cannabis concentrates, you will be able to find the right storage container to do so. Don't ever stress over this because if you place your dry herbs in the right container, you don't have to worry about it drying out or having too much moisture. You can preserve your product and have it fresh when you are ready to use it.

Stash Jar

Many marijuana smokers will often select a stash jar for cannabis storage, whether in concentrate or dry herb form. Some will even carry around this jar, just so they have all of their products in one place. This is a convenient way to do so. Moreover, it will extend the life of your stash. It makes it easier and saves a lot of time when you keep all your herbs together, especially while you are on the go.

The Variables

With that being said, the different variables each have their own effects, but air and sunlight are more important to contend with. The ideal place for cannabis storage is inside a container that is air tight and you have to then keep this container in the refrigerator. As long as the temperature is 20 degrees, the effect on your stash is insignificant. However, when it comes to air oxidation, you will find a decrease in product quality. Air exposure is definitely what will cause the most loss. If you want to reduce this loss, it is best to leave your stash in a tightly closed container. You should try to avoid temperature fluctuations.

The Concentrates

Silicone containers are the right type of cannabis storage, especially for concentrates. The silicone prevents the product from sticking to the container. You can also put the concentrates on mats, but a container with a lid is better. The cannabis storage container keeps everything together without sticking. Be aware that there is a wide range of silicone containers to choose from.

Dry Herbs

To store dry herbs, you have to be more careful in finding the best container that will be useful over an extended time period. The container has to be void of moisture. A Mason jar will do the trick, but make sure it is the one that is tinted to keep the light out and to keep the product from being degraded. After putting your dry herbs in the Mason jar, make sure that it is put inside your refrigerator also for better cannabis storage.

Preservation of Concentrates

Cannabis concentrates can collect moisture and oils from handling it with your fingers. So, they must be placed in a non-stick surface. Light and air exposure can quickly work against concentrates to degrade them. Therefore, it is best to put in a container rather than to use ziplock bags. Insulating the concentrates in an appropriate way will keep humidity and light at bay.

Preservation of Dry Herbs

For added coverage as it relates to cannabis storage of dry herbs, put a Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Packet inside the stash jar. In so doing, this will help to protect your stash from harmful sunlight and prevent any type of degradation. Visit your local marijuana dispensary to speak with a budtender so you can get more cannabis storage ideas. Check out the Cannabis Training University to learn more.

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Luis Cordova
Luis Cordova

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