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Do you have any summer birthdays coming up? Is your love language giving gifts? If so, you'll want to check out these top cannabis tech gifts for summer 2021. We've got a curated collection of the most functional and stylish gifts for the cannabis user in your life. Let’s make this the summer of cannabis.

1. Tesla Coil Lighter

The Tesla Coil flameless lighter ($16.89) is an affordable accessory that can level up any cannabis user’s arsenal of tools. Although it looks like a regular lighter, it is, in fact, a plasma lighter powered by a rechargeable battery.

An electric arc provides the necessary spark to light joints or buds. Gift this flameless and windproof lighter to those that plan to take their adventures outdoors this summer. With this lighter, the wind won't get in the way of a good time.

2. OTTO Electric Grinder and Cone Filler

It's summertime and the living is easy. The OTTO ($149.99) is a sleek and compact, automated grinder and cone filler. It’s the perfect gift for the person who loves cannabis tech and smoking joints.

Simply load the herb, and the OTTO does the heavy lifting. It automatically adjusts speed, pressure, and direction based on the texture and consistency of the flower. No need to pause the fun, with this mess- and waste-free grinding option.

3. PRESSO Rosin Press

It's starting to feel like a rosin summer. For those that grow their own cannabis and want to make a solventless concentrate without any harmful chemicals, the Rosineer PRESSO rosin heat press and accessories bundle ($299) is the way to go

A stylish gold yellow unit features a portable machine and rosin tech accessories to squeeze out the golden resin from the harvested herb.

4. Puffco Air Shifter PRO with Mountain Peak for Zen Carpet Concentrate

Puffco’s Air Shifter PRO with Mountain Peak for Zen Carpet Concentrate ($344) is the best way to dab all throughout summer. Whether the gift recipient is a beginner or a seasoned user, it is super easy to use and an efficient tool to consume concentrates.

It allows users to remotely control temperature and customize their LED lights with lantern mode to get the party going. Not to mention its futuristic look makes for a stunning centerpiece.

5. TCheck Potency Tester

tcheck potenct checker

For the medicinal user in your life, a potency tester is a functional gift that keeps on giving. This potency tester from tCheck ($299.99) can provide an accurate analysis of the potency in butter and oil to make consistent batches every time.

Just a few drops are all that is needed and the potency checker can provide an accurate measurement in under a minute. Shop the Plus package ($399.99) to test dry flower and concentrates, too.


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6. Green Goddess Supply Armoire

Green Goddess Supply Armoire

This cannabis tech gift has a steep price but the tech is out of this world. The Armoire ($1495) by Green Goddess Supply is a quick and easy way to grow indoors. It looks like a normal piece of furniture (cherry wood and black options available).

The Armoire includes a carbon scrubber and filtration system that runs quietly and removes the odor from your cabinet so no one's the wiser. Harvest buds in as little as 60 days and grow one-quarter of a pound or more of the yield with each cycle.

All that is needed is a couple of minutes of attention per day and the cabinet does the rest. Low maintenance, easy to use, and discreet, it’s perfect for beginner growers who want to grow their own auto-flowering strains.

7. Volcano Vaporizer

Volcano Vaporizer

What could be more iconic than Storz and Bickel Volcano dry herb vaporizer? The iconic Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is a feat of electromechanical innovation. Made in Germany, this vaporizer can produce the best vapor from your bud.

Developed in 1996, this sleek and functional unit has earned a reputation as one of the best dry herb, desktop vaporizers around. This summer, invite the whole vaccinated gang over and sit around the Volcano while catching up.

8. Hydrology9 NX

Hydrology9 NX

The Hydrology9 NX ($300) by Cloudious9 is an engineering marvel that blends the elements of a bong and a vaporizer with filtration that gives you a super smooth hit.

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Which Cannabis Tech Gifts Are You Giving this Summer?

Cannabis tech gifts get better every year. Nowadays, cannabis smoking, vaporizing, cultivation, and cooking are much due to these technological advancements. 

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