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Cannabis training for investors is a hot topic right now. The future of the cannabis industry looks more promising than ever before. Many believe that the United States federal government will legalize marijuana nationally sometime during the next five years to recognize it as a valid and legitimate commodity.

With an increasing number of states allowing the legal use of marijuana and various countries around the world decriminalizing it, more U.S. investors are jumping on the cannabis bandwagon, while others continue to maintain a “wait and see” attitude.

There are many reasons to be optimistic about the legal marijuana market during the present year and beyond. One of the most important things for investing wisely in the cannabis industry is to remain informed of key industry events—which is the same for investing in any industry. A good way to get started is to join some of the cannabis financial groups and get on their mailing lists to receive timely and relevant news.

The Green Market Report will keep you updated about trends and opportunities related to cannabis-specific stocks. Likewise, the National Institute for Cannabis Investors is another group that will keep you informed about the ever-changing cannabis industry landscape and investment opportunities. The cannabis space evolves and changes at a rapid pace, which is enough to keep some investors and potential investors awake at night, so it pays to remain on the pulse of what’s happening. Turning your back on industry news—even briefly—can be a mistake.

Game-Changing Events in Cannabis

2019 should be a pivotal year for cannabis industry growth and investing for several reasons. Besides the changing legal status of marijuana in Canada and around the globe, a number of things happened in 2018 that were good news to anyone interested in making money in this emerging market. One monumental thing was the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, an outspoken opponent to marijuana who had made his personal and political opinions about marijuana well known.

Another even larger factor influencing the industry came at the end of the year when President Trump signed the 2018 Farm Bill, which made hemp (as well as hemp-derived products) legal in the U.S. once again. With cannabidiol (CBD) becoming an increasingly viable segment of the industry at the time of the farm bill signing, the new legal status of hemp gave all hemp businesses a leg up and removed barriers for a strong national market.

Those who wish to invest in this form of cannabis, should explore the associations and educational opportunities available specifically for that side of the cannabis market. Remaining informed through groups like the Ministry of Hemp is a good way to do so. Hemp is on a course to go big places very soon.

Some very unlikely people in high places are investing heavily in cannabis. Former Speaker of the House John Boehner is one such person. The republican politician is on record for saying “I’m all in on pot,” and his involvement with The American Cannabis Summit has added legitimacy to a rapidly emerging industry that just a few years ago investors were viewing with curiosity without committing to it financially—yet.

Now that Canada has legalized marijuana nationwide and last year in the United States Utah, Michigan, and Missouri passed laws legalizing its use, the tide has definitely turned with Americans’ approval of marijuana and their belief that it should be legal. We are at an interesting crossroad in the U.S. when it comes to marijuana, with bipartisan support for legalizing it—even with a majority of republicans.

Because of the strong move toward legalization, most cannabis industry insiders believe that legalization at the federal level is not only likely, it’s imminent.


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International Events and Education

Boehner is not the only person in high political positions that believe in the future of the cannabis industry. Vincente Fox, the former president of Mexico, is deeply invested in marijuana. As the former president of Coca Cola Mexico, he is no stranger to either politics or running a profitable business.

Fox, now a drug-legalization activist in Latin America has goals to supply cannabis products to emerging markets in that region. He is a board member of and advisor to Khiron Life Sciences Corp., which is poised for extensive cannabis sales throughout Latin America this year.

The Toronto-based company recently partnered with Colorado-based Dixie Brands with plans to market products utilizing cannabis grown in four South American countries. Another high-profile pro-cannabis investor—and far from the first celebrity to invest in this market—is entertainer James Belushi, the younger brother of the late John Belushi. Belushi is well-known for his entertainment career in comedy, music, and acting, as well as his active involvement in the Pacific Northwest cannabis industry with his company, Belushi’s Farm, a cultivation business producing high-quality cannabis for the Oregon market.

Fox and Belushi were just two of the people who participated and spoke at an internationals event specifically for cannabis industry professionals, investors, and potential investors. ExpoCannabiz 2019 was held in early May in the Caribbean port city of Cartagena, Colombia, with a three-day program of educational lectures and networking opportunities. With an entire day specifically devoted to cannabis investing, an investor forum and investor speed dating event were just two of several worthwhile opportunities on the program for international investors and those curious about emerging global investment opportunities. International events like this are on the rise and make investor education and networking increasingly possible.

American Cannabis Education Programs and Events

The basic strategy for investing successfully in cannabis as a newcomer to the industry is basically the same as for investing in any market. The same principles hold true regardless of how deep your pockets. A good first step is to open a free brokerage account that will allow you to buy and sell cannabis stocks quickly. After this, a savvy cannabis investor should attend industry events and learn as much as possible in order to identify small cannabis companies that are set to take off and provide unique products and services that will have staying power. Once these start-ups are identified, investors should act quickly before someone else does.

Cannabis venture capitalists and angel investors also have good educational opportunities at their disposal here in the U.S. and Canada—with online programs that make learning about the industry easy for entrepreneurs. Cannabis training universities and colleges provide current information about how to properly train for work in the cannabis space, as well as accurate overviews about what it takes to own or properly run a cannabis business. Whether it’s investing in a cultivation, extraction, or dispensary business, a 420 college is a great way to gain an education about what it takes to succeed.

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Some of the top American cannabis business conferences and expos are another excellent way to learn more about investment opportunities. Often, these events include investor program where start-up companies provide pitches to interested audiences of investors looking to make money in the American marijuana market. Conferences and expos like this are the perfect place to learn about emerging business opportunities. The Marijuana Business Conference and Expo is just one such event, held annually each June in New Orleans. This year’s event has programs specifically for hemp as well as marijuana. This group has two other similar conferences each year, one in November in Las Vegas and the other in a prominent cannabis city, with the location changing each year.

If you think the time has come for you to invest in cannabis, you’re not alone. An increasing number of investors are taking a long look at cannabis. By following some of the tips mentioned above, you will put yourself in the best position for earning revenue in this exciting and rapidly growing industry.

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