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The best portable marijuana vaporizer is not easy to choose. When it comes to cannabis vaporizers, the number and complexities of available options have skyrocketed in recent years. Even for someone with years of experience with vaporizers, choosing a new one can be a daunting experience. Here are some ideas to get you on the right track.

Small vaporizers with rechargeable batteries are one of the best all-around options for many smokers. These do away with a lot of the hassle associated with vaporizing and maintenance is easy.

Different types of cannabis require different types of vaporizers. Whether you prefer to smoke dried herbs or concentrates, you’ll need to choose a vaporizer made specifically for it. Most vaporizers can’t be used for both, so you’ll have to pick a side or grab two.

Choosing the Best Portable Marijuana Vaporizers

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Herb Vaporizers

For those who prefer to vaporize herbs, there are a wide range of cool options out there. The first thing to consider is the price range, as they start out at less than $50 and run up into the hundreds. Spending around $100 should get you a great and reliable vaporizer, but be sure to check out the reviews on the models you’re considering just in case.

Herb vaporizers come in a variety of shapes. The most popular is a cylinder-shaped pen-style vaporizer that is easy to use. Typically you’ll load them up and then pre-heat before it is ready to use. Some vaporizers carry warranties or special features like adjustable temperature settings or mouthpieces. A newer trend is flat or square-ish shaped vaporizers which can be easier to carry around.

Concentrate Vaporizers

Concentrate vaporizers are very similar, but they are specially built for the liquid concentrates available in many retail stores. Many people are initially intimidated by concentrate vaporizers, but they are actually even easier to use once you get used to them. There’s no need to grind up any flowers, which makes them fairly hassle-free.


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Rechargable Battery Cartridges

One of the most cost-effective vaporizer styles are rechargeable battery cartridge pens. These are an especially small option and are great for anyone looking for a tiny vaporizer that is easy to carry around or store. These are also one of the easiest and beginner-friendly vaporizers out there, although many seasoned smokers prefer these due to their size and convenience.

Due to their popularity, you can pick this style up for just a few dollars or splurge a little for a fancier, higher end model. You’ll need to buy the right cartridge when yours runs out, so be sure to choose one from a reliable company that you’ll be able to get new cartridges from for an extended time period.

The best portable marijuana vaporizer can be yours with some research.

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