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Many people are not aware of the substantial value of coconut water as it relates to a plant's growth. Most people think that it is only beneficial to the human body, but that is where they are wrong.

In fact, coconut water is an organic cannabis fertilizer in the case of outdoor and hydroponic growing. Why? Well coconut water is said to improve the development of clones and the plant's overall vigor. It also improves the growth of the root from the seeds. If you are looking for an organic solution to tend your cannabis plants, then this would be the ideal cannabis fertilizer for you. Let's take a closer look at this.

The Nutrients

It might have surprised you to know that coconut water is not just good for improving one's health, but also for improving the health of the cannabis plant. The water inside the coconut is rich in minerals and vitamins, amino acids, cytokinins and natural sugars. For instance, if you found yourself lost while in the tropics and you were injured during the same time, did you know that drinking coconut water could duplicate a drip used for blood plasma replacement.

In fact, the soldiers during World War II used this same thing to keep themselves alive, especially when blood plasma drips were not available. The water from the coconut is good to quench the thirst and is a tropical tonic, satisfying your thirst more than water does. Its hydrating properties make it an excellent organic cannabis fertilizer.

Cannabis Growth

Cannabis benefits from the organic features of the coconut water with its natural amino acids, proteins, fatty acids and carbohydrates. The coconut water when used as an organic cannabis fertilizer will feed the plants with the vitamin and minerals and other nutrients it has. In fact, coconut water is able to replace all the grow formulas that are secretly created in laboratories.

If you added just 15 ml per liter of coconut water, the cannabis plant will grow vigorously. The cannabis plants will be taller in growth and have less spacing noticed between the nodes. It will also have additional bud sites. Let us now take a look at the cytokinins found in the coconut water and what it does to the cannabis plant.

The Cytokinnis

Cytokinnins or Zeatin as it is sometimes known are enzymes signaling the root of the cells in order to divide and develop additional roots. This process is known as cytokinesis, which is important to advance the plant's development so as to have a faster water and nutrient uptake. In the cannabis plant, cytokinins are useful for the promotion of the same fast root growth and cell division.

This means that the plant has more water and nutrient availability and for that reason, the plant will experience improved growth. The cytokinins are also essential in signaling faster cell division of new shoots and lateral shoots as well as stimulating the expansion of the plant's leaves and promoting larger stomata in the leaves.

When these features are combined, you can imagine the explosive growth pattern in the cannabis plant using coconut water as an organic cannabis fertilizer. Faster growth pattern also means more harvested crops and several yields per year. This is what most cannabis growers aim to accomplish, if only they knew the true benefits of this natural phenomenon.

Final Thoughts

You can increase your yield using organic cannabis fertilizer in more ways than one. For the most part, your focus should be on root formation, especially when cloning. You should also concentrate on watering prior to inserting your clones.

Once your roots have been formed, the rush of vitamins and minerals from the coconut water will produce a boost in the growth of your cannabis plant.

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