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Custom weed bags can do more than safely hold consumers’ buds; they can spread brand awareness and keep cannabis brands state compliant with packaging and labeling regulations. Choosing the right custom cannabis bags can make a world of difference.

What Are Custom Weed Bags?

Custom cannabis bags are packaging pouches designed for the safe and legal packaging of cannabis products. Cannabis bags are smell-proof, child-resistant, resealable, and tear-resistant. Cannabis bags are a great way to keep cannabis fresher for longer.

Benefits of Custom Cannabis Packaging

Custom cannabis weed bags allow businesses to stand out in a crowded market. Printed marijuana packaging can improve brand awareness with a personalized product that draws the customer’s eye. 

Cannabis Bag Materials

Cannabis packaging technology has created a wide range of flexible barrier films for custom cannabis mylar bags. Custom printed mylar bags are made of a plastic material known as polyethylene. 

This material keeps the product protected from oxygen and moisture. The bag thickness can determine how airtight it is and its gas permeability. Mylar bags may feature an aluminum layer on one side to protect against the light, which can degrade the material’s quality.

Custom Cannabis Bag Styles

Which cannabis bag style calls your attention? Stand-up pouch? Gusseted bag? Flat-bottom pouch? Flat pouch?

Stand-Up Pouch

Stand-up pouch bags are a popular packaging option for dry, liquid, or powdered cannabis products. Stand-up pouches stand tall and have sealed sides and a bottom gusset for maximum stability and strength. 

Create a stand-up pouch with custom printed packaging designs on both broad panels and choose from various features, including tear notches, zippers, hang holes, and valves.

Gusseted Bag

Gusseted bags provide products with a sleek and simple look while providing more volume and excellent shelf life. Consider gusseted bags for candy, tea, coffee, and other cannabis products. Gusseted bags provide plenty of room for striking graphics and text to tell your story.

Flat-Bottom Pouch

Flat-bottom pouches provide cannabis products with superior shelf life. This distinctive and sophisticated style features quad seals and gusseted sides for a more robust structure and the most volume out of all the bag styles. 

Flat-bottom pouches feature five panels to give you more opportunities to express your brand through artwork and design. These pouches are considered the “greenest” option since it does not take as much energy or material to produce as other styles.

Flat Pouch

Flat pouches, also known as pillow packs, are affordable and simple options for single servings or samples. This bag style is ideal for packaging small cannabis items, such as small portions of powders and snacks.

How to Order Custom Weed Bags

Ready to start your custom weed bag journey?

1. Get a Custom Quote

Research custom weed bag manufacturers’ packaging options and read reviews. Contact them to get an instant price quote for your custom bag requirements (size, features, material, quantity). 

2. Create Your Project

Create an account on the weed bag supplier’s website and create your custom weed bag project. Consult with the manufacturing team through every step of the journey.

If you need design services, you can work with your current designer or ask the manufacturing company for referrals to designers they have worked with.

3. Submit Design

purple custom weed bag with leave on it

Custom weed bag manufacturers provide a wide range of bag styles, including stand-up pouches, flat pouches, flat-bottom pouches, and gusseted bags. Choose the right bag template and follow the company’s artwork specifications to ensure your artwork is approved.

4. Revise Design

Custom weed bag manufacturers will provide a complimentary digital proof and a flat proof upon request, so you can double-check that the colors, artwork, and other details are perfect. For an additional fee, the manufacturer may create a sample bag project.

5. Approve Design

If the artwork and design meet your specifications, you can approve your proof and determine the quantity of bags you need. Submit your order and prepare to receive your bags in a couple of weeks.

6. Fill Your Custom Weed Bags

Custom weed bags can arrive in 1-2 weeks, depending on the quantity and other custom order requirements. Cannabis packaging manufacturers will ship the bags to you as soon as they are printed. Once they arrive, you can start filling your custom weed bags with the product.

Custom Weed Bag Manufacturers

Cannabis retailers, growers, processors, and other industry businesses should consider custom cannabis packaging options to keep their products fresh and remain compliant with state regulations.

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Interested in starting the custom weed bag design process? Check out these custom cannabis bag manufacturers:

What’s the Best Cannabis Bag For Your Brand?

Finding the right design, logo, and bag manufacturer takes time and patience. Reach out to as many cannabis packaging companies as possible to compare quotes and get the best price.

Don’t rush through the creation process, and take your time choosing the right packaging partner to keep your product fresh while having excellent bag appeal

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