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If you’re looking for the best medical marijuana dispensaries in Kansas City, Missouri, you’re in luck. The state of Missouri made national headlines when it voted to legalize the use of medical marijuana. It is now home to dozens of high-quality cannabis shops.

If you’ve asked yourself questions like, “are there any medical marijuana dispensaries near me?” Here’s a list of dispensaries in Kansas City to answer your query.

Green Health Doc

Green Health Docs is a CBD shop, Medical Marijuana Evaluation, and follow up center. The dispensary is led by a team of doctors who specialize in family medicine. It focuses on helping patients learn to safely use marijuana for medical purposes.

The Green health team is familiar with a vast selection of medical marijuana treatments, so they are suitably qualified to help patients understand cannabis medications and any arising legalities. In fact, the team will help guide you through your medical marijuana process so you can get a Missouri MMJ card as quickly as possible.

Green Health Docs has already helped over 12,000 Ohio and Maryland residents become legal cannabis patients, so they understand how the process works. The dispensary's physicians will educate you on the benefits and potential side effects of medical cannabis, along with the proper strains for your condition.

From the Earth

From the Earth is a fully licensed medical Marijuana dispensary built to support a vibrant community. The institution works with residents of all ages and works towards helping the general public understand the benefits of medical cannabis.

Not all ailments, whether they are physical or mental, require synthetic pharmaceutical products. The Earth provides several means to treat illness naturally, and From The Earth aims to support this initiative by advocating the safe use of medical cannabis.

BeSaMe Wellness

BeSaMe Wellness Center is a one-stop center for healthy cannabis products obtained from eco-friendly farms in Missouri. The company prides itself on the fact that its products are free from harmful parabens (preservatives commonly used in cosmetics known to interrupt hormone function and increase the risk of breast cancer).

The company takes great care to uphold its wellness standards and give its customers the best products curated by highly knowledgeable staff.

If you're a first-time patient, the clinic will help you schedule an appointment for a marijuana card evaluation. BeSaMe is part of Elevate Holistics, so you can easily hold virtual meetings with MMD doctors from the comfort of your home.

Fresh Green Dispensary

Fresh Green dispensary aims to better the lives of low-income patients with dilapidating conditions who would benefit from medical cannabis. The company operates as a “for-profit” organization, but a portion of its earnings are given back to the community as discounts to veterans and low-income patients.

All the company's founders have either been born or raised in Missouri. Both the founders and principal managers have extensive knowledge of the law, cannabis advocacy, cultivation, and retail sales in the states where it has been legalized.

Releaf Dispensary

Releaf Dispensary in Kansas City is one of Missouri’s leading Marijuana clinics and was voted the best dispensary in Kansas City by Pitch magazine. The clinic is locally owned and offers a price match guarantee along with virtual or in-office appointments.

Each of the clinic's doctors is state-certified to prescribe medical marijuana. The doctors will study your medical records and perform a short examination to determine whether you are eligible for the Missouri medical marijuana program.

Once the doctor concludes that you qualify, the team will develop a treatment plan to address your specific condition or symptoms. Releaf’s doctors will write you a physician certification form that you can submit to the state department of health and senior services for a Missouri Medical Marijuana card.

Natural Wellness CBD

Natural wellness CBD was founded in 2017 and has since grown into a popular medical marijuana store. All of their products are responsibly sourced, and they are both legal and safe.

The store's CBD product offering includes tinctures, hemp oils, tinctures, oral applicators, and pain creams.  The store also offers novelty products like gummies, chocolate bars, soaps, and bath bombs.

Rustic Oils

Rustic Oils CBD is a family-managed business. Their products are formulated to address a wide range of diseases and ailments that include sleep disorders, anxiety or depression, chronic pain, and more.

Although they don’t have a diverse product offering, all their products are of the highest quality. They offer standard hemp products like vape fluids, CBD tinctures, THC oil, and drops.

Green Grove

Green Grove was created with a single purpose, to offer the highest quality medical cannabis to people struggling with chronic pain, anxiety, and sleeping disorders.  The shop's products naturally help patients achieve physical, mental, and emotional balance, with little or no need for pharmaceutical interventions.

This shop is a recognized distributor of state-approved organic CBD products. All their offerings are made in the united states to ensure quality and product consistency.

Free State Oils

Free State Oils offer full-spectrum hemp products made from US-grown plants. Their products include balms, tinctures, gummies, honey straws, soft gels, and vape oil. They also offer CBD products for dogs, cats, and even farm animals. 

Free State Oils' animal products help farm animals and pets with inflammation, pain, stress, anxiety, and age-related complications. The dispensary's website offers plenty of educational resources on the benefits of CBD and helpful tips on determining the right dosage.

They also provide fast service with all orders shipped within 24 hours after they are received.

Organic Hemp Botanicals

Organic Hemp Botanicals was founded by Eric Banks and Rebecca Perdieu in 2015. the company is family-owned and is built on the idea that people have a right to high-quality, reasonably priced.

Hemp Botanicals offers a broad range of products manufactured in FDA regulated facilities and tested by third parties to ensure maximum efficacy.

The company also offers a compassionate care program for financially insecure individuals and patients with chronic illness.

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How to become a medical marijuana dispensary in Missouri?

Before you can legally sell marijuana in Kansas City, you'll need a permit from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

Unfortunately, the state will not accept any applications for licenses to cultivate, test, manufacture, or sell through a dispensary. But, you may still apply for a seed to sale applications. you'll find detailed instructions on how to do so on the DHSS website.

Next time you are in Kansas City make sure to some of these Best Dispensaries in Kansas City Missouri!

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