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Elevate your concentrates with these dab accessories and boost your dabbing game! Concentrates are only as good as the dab rig they’re dabbed on. Most novice and seasoned users opt for a plain or colorful glass dab rig, but some connoisseurs invest a bit more in an electronic dab rig to maintain precise temperature control. Whatever set-up you’re dabbing on, there are a few key dab accessories that can make your experience more seamless and flavorful.

From terp pearls that distribute oil throughout the nail to quartz inserts that aid in low-temperature dabs, there’s a weed accessory out there that can improve your dabbing experience. Check out these important concentrate pairings that can elevate your daily dabs.

Quartz Inserts

Quartz inserts are small dish-like containers that go inside your nail before or after heating it. There are many ways to enjoy this complimentary glass piece. One way is to drop in the insert first and then heat the nail and insert at the same time. You can also heat the insert first and then drop it into the nail or heat the nail and drop the insert after.

No matter how you choose to use your quartz glass inserts, they can provide an extra surface to contain messy concentrates and improve your low-temperature dabs. More importantly, quartz inserts can protect your premium glass rig from becoming hazy or breaking.

Terp Pearls

Terp pearls are tiny spherical beads that go inside your dab nail. Ceramic or glass dab pearls can be used to evenly distribute your concentrates throughout the bottom of your nail. Terp pearls help ensure that every drop of your wax, shatter, budder, or crumble is vaporized and inhaled. These small beads also allow you to use lower temperatures to dab.

Whether you choose to drop them in before or after heating your nail, terp pearls will swirl around your nail when you use a carb cap. These indispensable accessories reduce the chance of leaving behind unvaporized residue. After every dabbing session, you can wipe your terp pearls clean and use them for many more dabs.

Carb Cap

A carb cap is an essential dab accessory. If you get any concentrate accessory, get this one. is It is used to cover the nail on your dab rig. There are many different types of carb caps, each meant for different types of dab nails. The simplest one is the flat-top carb cap, which has a rounded end. Carb caps act completely cover the dab nail to restrict airflow and contain the heat so you can dab every last drop of your concentrate.

Bubble and directional-flow carb caps provide users with more control over the direction of the airflow. Their design allows you to rotate or swivel the carp cap and re-direct oil inside your dab nail. Universal titanium nails can cover unique dab nail styles such as e-nails and the majority of domeless nails.

Reverse Tweezers

If you’re prone to using quartz dishes, you should invest in a decent pair of reverse tweezers, preferably with a silicone tip. Reverse tweezers allow you to remove your quartz insert from your scorching hot nail. The silicone prevents the heat from traveling through the tweezers.

Just lightly squeeze one end until the other end of the tweezers is securely gripping the inside of the dish. Silicone is a soft, heat-resistant material that won’t scrape your inserts or the rest of your pristine dab rig.


There’s a dabber for every type of concentrate. Dabbing on hard shatter? You need a dabber with a sharp or flat tip to break apart the tough and sticky substance. Do you prefer to dab grainy crumble? You’re probably going to need a scoop-style or paddle tip dabber to carry the crumble from your jar to the nail.

Some people like to use glass dabbers to match their own glass rigs. Glass dabbers also reduce the chance of scraping and damaging your dab rig. Always keep a range of dabbers to be prepared to dab any type of concentrate. Elevate Your Concentrates with these Dab Accessories and the right kind of dabber.

Dab Mat

Dab mats may seem like an unnecessary dabbing accessory, but they can provide extra protection to any surface from your sticky and hot concentrates. Typically, dab mays are made from silicone or rubber, which can be cleaned easily with mild dish soap and water. Dab mats come with a plain design or interesting graphics to express your unique style. Elevate Your Concentrates with these Dab Accessories and a dab mat.

Dab Jar

Most dab jars are made out of silicone to give you a non-stick surface to store your concentrates. Premium silicone dab jars feature a thick material that keeps your concentrate’s original texture intact. Choose from small or large containers that are freezer and dishwasher safe. Ensure that your dab containers are made from food-grade silicone and are BPA-free.

Dabbing accessories can add a layer of ease to your daily dabbing habit. Keep your equipment clean with accessories like quartz inserts and reverse tweezers. Achieve those flavorful low-temperature dabs with terp pearls and a carb cap.

While dabbing may seem like a complex activity, these components help you reap as much of your concentrate’s cannabinoids and terpenes as possible. There's never been a better time to Elevate Your Concentrates with these Dab Accessories!

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