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Among Arizona’s flourishing marijuana market, Emerald Dispensary in Phoenix is one of the best medical cannabis dispensaries in the area. Enjoy its wide selection of flower, edibles, concentrates, and more, as well as its plentiful deals and discounts.

Who is Emerald Dispensary?

Emerald Dispensary is a medical marijuana provider in the greater Phoenix area. Emerald Phoenix carries hundreds of menu items and strains to provide medical cannabis patients with the relief they need.

On February 1st, 2017, Emerald Dispensary opened a second facility in Phoenix to meet the growing demand in the area.

On May 30, 2019, vertically-integrated and multi-state cannabis operator Curaleaf announced the acquisition of Emerald Dispensary’s first location and only dispensary in Gilbert, Arizona.

Emerald Dispensary Phoenix Location

Emerald Dispensary is one of the best medical dispensaries in Phoenix. Emerald Dispensary boasts an extensive menu, ample parking, extra handicap accessible parking, and experienced staff.

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4244 W Dunlap Avenue

Phoenix, AZ 85051


Emerald Dispensary Phoenix Hours

Mon-Thu: 8 am – 9 pm

Fri-Sat: 8 am – 10 pm

Sun: 9 am –  8 pm

Emerald Dispensary Menu

Stop by to purchase top-quality whole-flower cannabis and infused products. Choose from hundreds of items found on lighted menu boards and shop across 12 product stations and refrigerated coolers full of infused beverages and edibles.

Emerald Dispensary carries the following cannabis brands:

  • Aries
  • Amy & Al’s
  • Bakes Bros
  • Be In Synergy
  • Cresco
  • Drip Oils
  • Dutchie
  • Edipure
  • Emerald
  • Goldsmith
  • Grow Sciences
  • Halo Infusions
  • Haze & Main
  • Hi Buddy
  • High-Grade AZ
  • Hour Exotics
  • ilava
  • Infusion
  • Item 9 Labs
  • I.N.D. Concentrates
  • Kaya
  • Korova
  • Lazarus Naturals
  • Love, Carissa
  • Mad Terp Labs
  • Mindryte
  • MPX
  • MUV
  • Nature’s Medicines
  • Potent Planet
  • Select
  • Shango
  • Sir Newton’s Original
  • Sublime
  • Sunday Goods
  • Tierra Grow
  • Timeless
  • Uncle Herbs
  • Vapen
  • Venom Extracts
  • Venom X
  • Wana


Choose from a variety of flower strains including Mimosa, Cherry Tang, Colombian Gold, and more from brands like Item 9 Labs, Aeriz, and Emerald.


Shop pre-roll packs, terp sticks, or singles from brands like Emerald, Dutchie, MUV, and Mad Terp Labs.


Get vape cartridges in a variety of strains such as Acapulco Poison, ATF, Candyland, Gelato 33, and more. Vape brands include Select, Emerald, Item 9 Labs, Venom Extracts, and KIND.


Emerald Dispensary carries shatter, live resin sugar, live sauce, terp batter, terp sugar, RSO, budder, crumble, caviar, bubble hash, and THCA diamonds. Concentrate brands include Vapen, MPX, Venom Extracts, Emerald, and more.


Edible offerings include Baked Bros gummies and syrups, Amy & Al’s fudge brownies and cookies, Haze & Main’s and Korova’s bars, and Newton’s taffy.


Manage pain and inflammation with a variety of infused topical products available at Emerald Dispensary. Choose options like Green Halo’s CBD ointment, Stoney Yoni’s massage oil, and iLava’s lotions.


Tinctures can go into food or be administered sublingually. Emerald Dispensary carries a variety of glycerin-based tinctures from Halo Infusions and a THC:CBD tincture from MUV.


Are you looking for relief without the high? Emerald Dispensary has a number of CBD products such as Bis Balance’s CBD vape pods, Lazarus Naturals’ CBD tinctures, and Merlot’s hemp pre-rolls.

Apparel & Tools

Shop for vape batteries, hats, and shirts to show your love for your favorite dispensary in Phoenix.

Emerald Dispensary Events & Deals

Emerald Dispensary in Phoenix provides patients with plenty of reasons to keep coming back for quality medicine.

First-Time Patient

First-time Emerald Dispensary patients can get buy-one-get-one (BOGO) specials for recurring purchases.

First Visit: BOGO up to $50 on one product or an eighth any tier flower

Second Visit: Free one gram pre-roll with purchase

Third Visit: Choose 20 percent off entire order or Select Cartridge BOGO

Fourth Visit: BOGO up to $100 on one product or a quarter ounce of flower

Happy Hour

Monday and Wednesday: 6 pm – 8 pm

20 percent off Item 9 Vapes and Concentrates

Weekly Deals

Monday: Happy Hour

Tuesday: 20 percent off all edibles, tinctures, and topicals

Wednesday: Happy Hour

Thursday: Buy any Premium or Top Shelf eighth (3.5 grams) of flower or reserve and receive a free one gram pre-roll.

Saturday: 20 percent off concentrates (excluding vapor products and bulk caviar)

Sunday: Patient can select between the Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday special

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Patient Referral

Get a free one-gram pre-roll for referring a friend!

Rewards Program

Emerald Dispensary’s no-hassle rewards program automatically enrolls you on your first purchase. Earn rewards points for every purchase and redeem them for cannabis products. Make purchases on double reward point days to get the best deal.

Veteran Discount

Veterans get 10 percent off regular priced items on every purchase.

Senior Discount

Seniors receive 10 percent off regular priced items on every purchase.

Dispensary Agent Discount

Dispensary agents (D.A.) get 15 percent off regular price items on every purchase.

Birthday Discount

Get a free one-gram pre-roll on your birthday. It must be on the day of the birthday.

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