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Essence Las Vegas Dispensaries account for 5 marijuana dispensaries in the Las Vegas area. 4 are in Las Vegas and one is in Henderson. There is even an Essence Cannabis Dispensary on the Las Vegas Strip.

There are quite a few cannabis dispensaries in Las Vegas, NV so finding one that can deliver what you want for your marijuana needs is important. We’ll review the features and shopping experience you’ll have at an Essence dispensary in Las Vegas!

About Essence Las Vegas Dispensary 

Essence is one of the major players in the Las Vegas cannabis scene. They have 4 locations in Las Vegas and 1 in nearby Henderson. They are also the only cannabis dispensary located on the Vegas strip, making it the more convenient choice for those looking for adult-use recreational cannabis in Nevada.

Not only do they have 5 locations in the metro area, but they also have a cultivation and processing facility in Las Vegas as well. That location is over 50,000 square feet, ensuring they can produce and process enough high-quality cannabis products with enough variety to make even the pickiest cannabis connoisseurs happy!

If you can’t make it to one of their 5 locations, they also have a delivery service to bring your marijuana products right to your location, as long as you are at a private residence.

To be able to make a purchase in-store or through the delivery service, cash is required as card payments are not accepted.

Essence Vegas Dispensary Locations

As mentioned before, Essence cannabis dispensary has 5 separate locations in the Las Vegas area:




(702) 978-7687

Hours of operation

8 AM – 10 PM Daily

The Essence Henderson cannabis dispensary is centrally located next to the main freeways and offers a convenient location for all Henderson residents. 

Las Vegas Strip


LAS VEGAS, NV, 89104

(702) 978-7591

Hours of operation

8 AM – 9 PM Daily

(curbside pickup available until 5 PM)

As the first cannabis dispensary on the Las Vegas strip, this location will serve customers during shortened business hours as compared to the other Essence dispensaries.

South Durango



(775) 877-9367

Hours of operation

Mon – Tues: 8 AM – 11 PM

Wed – Sun: 8 AM – 1 AM

This Essence location is also in southwestern las Vegas, closer to the western edge of the city. This is the newest Essence location as well.

West Tropicana


LAS VEGAS, NV, 89103

(702) 500-1714 

Hours of operation

8 AM – 1 AM Daily

This is the most centrally located Essence dispensary and is right behind the Las Vegas Strip.

South Rainbow


LAS VEGAS, NV, 89118

(725) 206-6911

Hours of operation

8 AM – 1 AM Daily

This location best serves southwest Las Vegas.

Essence Dispensary Las Vegas Menu

All Essence locations offer a variety of cannabis products, from flower, vapes, edibles, concentrates, and topicals. You can also find pre-rolls and marijuana accessories at all locations. You can also find CBD products if you aren’t looking to get high but still want the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids.

Some of the locations offer one-on-one appointments with a nurse to ensure your cannabis needs are met.

Essence offers convenient online shopping for all its locations and also offers a delivery menu. If you are located within 25 miles of any of the dispensaries, you can get your marijuana products delivered to a private residence.

The online shopping experience with Essence is awesome for avid cannabis users. You can search the hundreds of available products and filter them by THC concentration, CBD potency, and refine them by your preferred cannabis brands.

In Nevada, recreational cannabis shoppers are allowed to purchase one ounce of cannabis products per transaction.

Each Essence dispensary location will offer a different selection of products, depending on what is in stock, so you can find what you need before driving down to the dispensary. That way you won’t show up and find out that your preferred products are out of stock.

The online shop will also show you specials so you don’t miss out on any discounts.

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Of course, if you don’t want to shop online, you are still welcome to shop in-person.

More About Essence Dispensary

Essence prefers to reward loyal customers with a program that accrues points for every dollar spent at Essence locations. Members of the High Risers will also be notified in advance of new product launches and specials, ensuring you don’t miss out on any awesome cannabis products in the future.

With the notoriety of being the #1 cannabis dispensary in Nevada, Essence works to ensure all customers find exactly what they need to keep them smiling and coming back for more.

Essence employs only the best the cannabis industry has to offer so walking in with questions can easily be answered by their knowledgeable budtenders.

Essence plans to expand into other states beyond Nevada and are working on opening locations in California as soon as possible. The first locations in California will be in West Hollywood, Culver City, and Pasadena.

They are also partnered with Rise Dispensaries that feature multiple additional locations in Nevada and beyond.

Final Words

Essence dispensaries will continue expanding and may be coming to new neighborhoods around the nation soon enough. They are a well-established brand with recognition from popular critics in the marijuana industry, like High Times. The Las Vegas branches of Essence will continue to rise in popularity as more adults turn to recreational and medicinal marijuana as a means of healthy medicine and recreation.

To learn more about the top dispensaries in Las Vegas and around the country, keep reading with us here at Cannabis Training University. We work to review the best dispensaries in the nation so our followers know the best spots to score high-quality gangja!

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