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April 20 is a day like no other for dispensaries and cannabis workers worldwide: it’s the big shebang, the prime opportunity to make huge sales to a demanding and captive audience. For decades, 4/20 has been the “Black Friday” of the cannabis industry – a “Green Thursday” of sorts, and a day perfect for seeing profits jump for cannabis professionals everywhere.

But taking full advantage of the day takes a smart strategy and the right attitude – and that can be tougher to find than Oaxacan Highland. When it comes to making 4/20 work for your cannabis business, the most effective strategies are the ones that bring in the most customers and translate to the best sales on this hugely important day.

Know Your Strains

Commercially Grown Cannabis Indica

Your customers may very likely walk through the door with an expansive knowledge of strains and options before even seeing your inventory. While nobody expects their dispensary to have every possible strain under the sun, it’s not too far out of left field to assume your budtender knows their strains well. This is where newbie budtenders or employees without professional-quality training can get slipped up, and where an adequate knowledge of popular strains can seriously come in handy.

Make sure you and your budtenders know their stuff – from the difference between indicas and sativas to as granular as which strains offer which effects. Simply being able to point a customer in the right direction can be the difference between making a sale and not – and that can have a huge effect on trust levels between your business and your customer.

Have Plenty of Product for 420 Holiday

Cannabis Trim

What’s worse than finding out you’ve run dry just before 4/20 celebrations are about to begin?

Finding out your dispensary doesn’t have what you’re looking for.

For those looking to make the most out of cannabis sales for the 4/20 holiday, the only thing worse than not knowing your strains may be not having enough on hand to meet demand. This holiday may just be when demand is highest, and having the supply to match is absolutely critical. Take the weeks ahead of 4.20 to stock up on your inventory and assemble enough to get you through the biggest sales day of the year – that way, you won’t be left empty-handed when customers are still looking to get what you’ve got to offer.

Become A Gathering Point For 420 Attendees

Cute cannabis pattern

On a day like 4/20, so much of what draws people to celebrate is the sense of community, born out of solidarity in support of cannabis and cemented by communal gathering. As a dispensary, you can offer an easy community focal point simply by being inviting and offering a space where enthusiasts can gather, discuss, and share their love of cannabis in a safe and supportive environment.


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Becoming a destination on 4/20 is as easy as offering something folks want when they come knocking. Whether it’s a comfortable place to chill with water and snacks available or simply a space where customers are invited to hang out and chat, simply providing a place to be may be more than enough to get folks into your dispensary and ready to see the holiday through with some of their closest buddies.

Want to bump things to the next level? Think about offering classes to interested future professionals; hosting a hiring fair and inviting cannabis business people to talk with fans and customers; inviting some musicians to keep the jam going; hosting a “Puff-and-Paint” style activity session to let things loosen up; offering a cooking class, a dinner, and more. The options are out there, and only limited by your imagination – what better way to make a lasting impression on customers than by offering something fun for 4/20?

Get Yourself Out There At 420 Events

4/20 in Montreal 2010

Unlike maybe any other day in the calendar, 4/20 is really a day of public celebration. Hundreds of cities around the U.S. have some sort of festival or gathering going down, and a smart dispensary knows that being front-and-center at events like these is an excellent way of reaching a hugely effective audience. Not only do attendees already want to gather and celebrate cannabis, but they’re probably looking for a professional to guide them through their passion. Why not be that professional?

A booth or stand at a 4/20 festival is a great place to both spread the word about your business and to do a little business yourself. This is your opportunity to make meaningful connections, trade business cards, and open up leads and connections for growth in the future.

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Times are changing, and professionals are popping up everywhere in the cannabis industry. Gathering points like these are the prime place to get your name out in front of influencers and get a leg-up on the competition still to come.

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