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Marijuana and the cannabis industry has definitely come a long way, especially when there was little information about the benefits of cannabis, how craft cannabis works and what types of cannabis products can be made from the plant along with the methods used. Today, the legal marijuana industry offers a wide range of cannabis products and the best in craft cannabis. If this is the first time you are hearing about craft cannabis, let us discuss what this is.

Craft Cannabis

As more states are becoming legalized for marijuana, craft consumers are showing interest in the industry. In fact, microbreweries are jumping onboard as they want to make microbrew beers using cannabis. Another industry that is also getting involved is the coffee industry. They use cannabis in their slow roasting process to create the best coffee flavors.

In the food industry, there has been an increase in organic meal preparation, especially for consumers that are very conscious about what they eat. These industries can cater to a wider audience by producing high quality products. In doing so, craft cannabis is more than just an experience. It is a pairing of products. For example, the combination of coffee and cannabis creates new aroma and flavor with a more intense outcome and a new caffeinated effect. So, in other words, craft cannabis is when two popular products are paired together to give the consumer a better experience.

The Examples

Wine tasting, for example is an activity that many people indulge in. If cannabis was paired with a bottle of cabernet, it would produce a very delicious craft cannabis product. A spicy and sweet cannabis strain such as Red Dragon paired with a specific microbrew beer creates a product with a different taste to the person ingesting it. There are so many ways that you can incorporate craft cannabis for more interesting product results.

The Consumer

As a cannabis consumer, there are many options that you have as it relates to marijuana strains and the cannabis growers that you may want to support along with the product brand that appeals to you more. Prior to making a purchase, you can conduct your own research related to craft cannabis. There are specific factors involved with the craft cannabis experience. The average consumer doesn't dwell on the difference between cannabis flowers that are trimmed by hand or machine. However, an experienced connoisseur, for example might be able to recognize whether a bud is trimmed using a machine or not. The connoisseur pays attention to the flavor, potency and trichomes.

Other factors for consideration as it relates to craft cannabis is the growing technique and the organic methods used. This may be important to the health-conscious consumer, even more than it would the large-scale producer that relies on pesticides and mechanically-run systems. Cannabis that is grown without using pesticides will need more attention and care. This will ensure that each marijuana plant is not affected by spider mites or mold. Temperature control should be steadily maintained. Air filtration and humidity are also other factors to consider with respect to a higher yield and quality of the harvested crop.

The Emerald Traditional, an area in the state of California that cultivated marijuana prior to legalization is instrumental in the establishing of craft cannabis. Since then, it has become quite popular in the cannabis industry. Craft cannabis starts from the seed to the product and then the sale. For that reason, packaging and marketing are also just as important as the marijuana strain.

To get into craft cannabis, it will also require patience, attention and care. Learn more about craft cannabis at the Cannabis Training University, the leading marijuana school.


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