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Do you want a free bag of weed? In what can only be described as a compassionate act of medical marijuana activism, cannabis advocates in Washington, D.C., offer free bags of high-grade weed to residents. The pro-pot group DCMJ wants to urge people to get the new Covid-19 Vaccine in exchange for a bag of weed.

According to the Washington Post, they say it is to spread awareness regarding the medical benefits of marijuana.

The group plans to partner with local cultivators to obtain the product for the giveaway. DCMJ says they plan to use community and social media contacts to publicize the vaccine clinics' locations. Also, ‘Covid-19' is working on printing flyers that will include tips on growing weed that will be available for clinic goers to take when receiving their free bag.

Qualify For a Free Bag of Weed

Any DC resident with a valid D.C. government-issued I.D. can get a free bag of weed from the D.C. Cannabis Campaign. To get a “joint for jabs,” one needs to be a Washington D.C. resident and prove that they are on Medicaid.

These vaccinations will protect patients from infectious diseases, according to the initiative's website DCMJ. Also, people who are currently holding a prescription for medical marijuana will obtain free joints for jabs!

This free bag of weed is available for all public members who wish to get the COVID-19 coronavirus vaccine. The DCMJ volunteers will be at the clinic giving away the first batch of marijuana bags while supplies last.

“We are making home-grown certified organic cannabis available to D.C. residents at no cost. To celebrate this fantastic occasion and thank individuals for getting vaccinated, dozens of D.C. home growers will lawfully distribute free bags of our harvested, certified organic, pesticide-free, sun-grown cannabis to anyone who gets the vaccine at any of 12 vaccination centers across the city” DCMJ co-founder Nikolas Schiller said.

What's in this Free Bag of Weed from Covid-19 Vaccine?      

All patients receiving a vaccination will receive a gift from DCMJ. What is in these smell-free weed bags from Covid-19 Vaccines? Well, we cannot tell you exactly, it is a surprise. But they can choose from a large variety of products, including various strains of cannabis flower, edible creations, topical, and more!           

These may also contain up to one pound of therapeutic cannabis, including; Redwood Realness, Strawberry Kush, Dirty Girl, Skywalker, Bubba Kush, Hippie lettuce grown locally in the District of Columbia.

The advocacy group is licensed under the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act of 2015 to set up a 1-for-1 exchange program for medical marijuana.

DCMJ group is committed to providing patients with access to cost-effective medicine. The City of Washington DC enacted the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Taxation Act of 2015 that established a framework for regulatory oversight of medical cannabis within the District.

As a licensed Advocacy Group, it has designed a program to help people get the marijuana medication they need.

How Much is a Bag of Weed?          

Marijuana is a plant with many versatile components that offer medicinal and recreational experiences. An ounce of marijuana can cost anywhere from $30 to $150. But in the case of the DCMJ giveaway, there will be no charge for an ounce of marijuana. However, the catch is you need to get the vaccination.

Founded in 2013, the DCMJ is a non-profit organization that campaigned for the legalization of marijuana in Washington DC. Its activities have included giving away free joints to activists, lobbying, and getting signatures to put a tax measure on the ballot to support legalization.

A bag of weed sounds expensive, but it's a pretty big deal!

Find a Nearby Location to Get Vaccinated for COVID-19 in D.C.         

Washington DC-area vaccination centers are a nexus of activity right now, as several people are being tested for the coronavirus. The group will be handing out free baggies of CTV-19 (a hybrid between Afghani and Skunk strains) at these locations. The group will not be on the centers' premises long to avoid hassles with potentially overzealous authorities.

They hope to commemorate the end of the latest coronavirus pandemic and advocate for both vaccinations and reefer. DCMJ volunteers plan to hand out free ganja baggies at Washington, DC, vaccination posts. The CDC recommends that everyone potentially exposed to the virus get vaccinated; even if you don't have symptoms, you can still spread the disease.

DCMJ members are enthusiastic about being able to support both anti-pandemic and anti vaccination efforts.

More DMCJ Cannabis Giveaways

The free “Joint for a Jab” is a grassroots effort to give away a free bag of weed to help the public understand the safety and medical benefits of cannabis and help banish cannabis prohibition. DMCJ's goal is to work with sponsors, dispensaries, community centers, and entities willing to give away free cannabis to progressive businesses and organizations.           

“This is also a way to create excitement around getting people immunized while at the same time educating them on medical marijuana,” Adam Eidinger, another DCM Co-founder, said. “By educating people about how medicinal cannabis saves lives, we can change the minds of many who have prejudices towards it.”

“The beauty of cannabis over the years has been that it has been a gift. It does not come from a pharmaceutical corporation. You don't need to beg your doctor for it, and you don't need to pay for it”, He added.

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