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Green Wednesday is the latest commercial holiday to pop up in the cannabis industry. Over the years, this retail holiday has produced record cannabis sales and become a staple in the holiday shopping season across the country.

What Is Green Wednesday?

Green Wednesday occurs the day before Thanksgiving, and it's a special day of the year when cannabis consumers can enjoy a wide range of discounts and specials at local dispensaries or online retailers, extending through Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If we look at sales data, Green Wednesday is still not the biggest sales day. The leading cannabis sales day is 4/20 on April 20. However, Green Wednesday has become the second-biggest sales day over the last few years.

Based on data from Headset, Green Wednesday’s 2019 sales were 40% higher than the average sales of the previous four Green Wednesdays.

In 2020, cannabis dispensaries had an 80% rise in sales on Green Wednesday. Throughout the shopping weekend, the industry sold $238 million, a record for the day. Sales in 2018 and 2019 on Green Wednesday show a consistent growth of sales over the years.

Based on the latest BDSA data, 40% of adult-use cannabis users state that they use weed when celebrating special events. 75% claim they use marijuana to relax and unwind.

The History of Green Wednesday

The origins of Green Wednesday are a little unclear, but insiders believe the term originated in 2016 with California cannabis delivery service Eaze who decided to provide customers with deals on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving after they noticed a rise in sales on that day.

Cannabis users have traditionally spent more during the Thanksgiving weekend. Consumer trends show that this marijuana shopping spree starts the day before Thanksgiving for a variety of reasons.

Why the day before Thanksgiving? Consumer trends may indicate people want to stock up on their medicine before the holiday closures or stock up to enjoy a stoney festive holiday. Marijuana’s many health benefits are also in demand during this joyous day.

Consumer trends on Green Wednesday vary by state, city, and dispensary. However, we have noticed some cannabis products trending more on this memorable green holiday. Generally, cannabis consumers are looking for something that's discreet, fast-acting, and easy to use.

Pre-Rolled Joints

Pre-rolled joints are a favorite product during this time of year, particularly for their ease of use. Just light up and enjoy with your friends and family.

Edible Gummies

Edible gummies are portable and easy to microdose, allowing you to take a small or higher dose depending on your needs while you are out and about.

Vaporizer Cartridges and Disposable Pens

Vaporizer cartridges and disposable vape pens are favorites among cannabis customers. They are small and portable, easy to travel with during the holidays. They don't produce a strong odor or smoke, come in many great flavors, and provide immediate effects.


Cannabis beverages like THC beer, cannabis seltzers, or powdered cannabinoids are growing in popularity. Weed beverages enable users to take a small dose (5 to 10 mg of cannabinoids) and enjoy at a party with a low risk of overconsumption.

How to Have the Best Green Wednesday

Here is how to make the most of your Green Wednesday shopping.

Shop Early

Many cannabis brands start their deals at the beginning of the week or even before. Check their website or social media profiles early and sign up for newsletters and text alerts to know when the deals start and what they are.

Order Online

Skip the line at your local dispensary and order online for curbside or in-store pickup. After the COVID-19 pandemic, many retailers have offered curbside pickup to reduce the transmission of the disease.

Get Cannabis Delivery

If you can, avoid the hustle and bustle of Green Wednesday by ordering same-day or next-day weed delivery from a licensed delivery service near you. Cannabis delivery provides safe access to customers amid the pandemic.

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Shop for Christmas

Keep an eye out for other specials during the week like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Cannabis brands may begin promoting their November specials early. This time of year is the best time to get your Christmas shopping done.

Get Ready for Green Wednesday Sales

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