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There are many baby boomers that were once avid smokers but have since relinquished the habit for various reasons. However, there are ways that baby boomers can get back to cannabis use. We have come up with some tips that you can follow to ensure that once you return, you can handle the various strains and get back into the habit of smoking legally.

Vape Pens and Vaporizers

If you want to get back to cannabis use, the best way to do so is to buy a vaporizer or vape pen. It is also one of the most discreet methods of enjoying cannabis. Vape pens and vaporizers are almost the same as e-cigarettes. You can load them up with cannabis flowers, cannabis oil or cannabis concentrates. Unlike the other traditional methods like glass pipes, bongs and joints, if you use a vaporizer, you don't have to be concerned about combustion. Vaporizers use convection heating, which is less harmful to your lungs.

The vape pens heat to no more than 185°C, which is the right temperature, if you want to avoid combustion and harmful smoke inhalation. In addition, vaporizers do not create smoke and so you can smoke without alerting your entire neighborhood. The vape pen emits an odorless vapor, which means there is no aroma. It does give you a high, but similar to you drinking one glass of wine and getting a little buzz. This is ideal for the baby boomer who wants to get back to cannabis use, but wants to do so gently and easy.

Various Cannabis Strains

Before you get back into cannabis use as a baby boomer, be sure to do your research on the laws and the various cannabis strains. Because cannabis is now legal in so many states across the United States, it is now easier for baby boomers to return to cannabis use and not have to worry about hiding from the law as they may have done before. However, to ease into it, it is best to do your research on which cannabis strains are best for the beginner.

You don't want to choose a strain that has a high level of potency that you cannot manage. The Internet provides a lot of information about various cannabis strains, their chemical components and their effects. If you happen to remember the name of a specific strain when you were much younger, then that is grounds for research because it might still exist or you may find one that is quite similar.

Sativa and Indica Strains

You should remember that sativa strains give you an euphoric and uplifting effect, which many people smoke when they want to have a buzz, but not sleepy or lethargic. The indica strains are the opposite. It is good for when you want to relax or go to sleep. They have a sedative effect. The hybrid strains are a combination of indica and sativa. The bottom line is to choose the right strain for your vape pen.

The Environment

Once you choose your strain for cannabis use, it is time to try it out, but in the appropriate environment so that your experience can be pleasant. Do not go into any crowded areas and smoke such as a party or concert. It is best to smoke within the comfort of your home and with people you know. And more importantly, do not mix cannabis with any other drugs. This could cause a negative reaction and send you to the emergency room, if you do too much. Take it slow and easy.

Things to Avoid

Allow your body to dictate how much cannabis you smoke. Try to avoid consuming edibles; especially the first time back on cannabis use or it might also have a negative effect, making you too uncontrollably high.

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