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Let's take a look at how CTU students stand out to hiring managers and how a Cannabis Training University certification is the best option for you if you are looking at cannabis courses online.

Today’s competitive marijuana job market, it’s not enough for job seekers to get their resume noticed. Cannabis job applicants must also stand out as the perfect person to fill the position by showcasing their experience and training in the marijuana field.

As the cannabis job market heats up, hiring managers for cannabis employers are searching for highly skilled talent in retail, cultivation, extraction, packaging and many more job sectors.

Cannabis job applicants are advised to stay ahead of industry trends and use proper industry terms to evoke professionalism and knowledge. Most cannabis industry positions require an intimate grasp of the cannabis plant. Job seekers can pursue specialized cannabis training to expand their comprehension and stand out to marijuana hiring managers.

Cannabis Certification is Key

The cannabis industry is constantly evolving with changing regulations and scientific breakthroughs. Staying on top of these developing industry trends requires consistently reading industry publications, research articles, and news stories. New or experienced users can benefit from a comprehensive training program that can teach them everything about the plant or just help them brush up on new information, respectively.

Not every cannabis job applicant will have experience in the marijuana industry, but extensive expertise about the plant, science, medicine, cooking, extraction, laws, and more can make a job-seeker stand out. Cannabis Training University gives students access to a wealth of e-books, videos, and other learning tools made by the industry’s most respected professionals.

Students can complete the course from the comfort of their home and at their own pace. CTU alumni are then able to convey their proficiency to employment recruiters. Here are things you can do and how CTU students stand out to hiring managers. 

Cannabis Cover Letter

A professional and informative cannabis cover letter is a brief introduction to the resume. A cover letter allows job applicants to clearly communicate their experience, passion, and knowledge that can be applicable to the position. CTU students are able to include their extended studies in their cover letter among other qualifications. Students are also able to articulately discuss their transferrable skills and use proper industry terms instead of slang.

CTU certification shows a willingness to learn and an enthusiasm for the company the applicant is applying for. When there’s an overwhelming amount of job applications from qualified applicants, hiring managers will look for distinguishing and extracurricular skills that separate the average applicant from a superstar. 

Cannabis Resume

CTU students learn from experienced human resource managers who hire cannabis employees. These industry experts crafted a class on “Cannabis Careers” that teaches students the best way to present their cannabis experience to employers. Students will also learn how to tailor their resume to give them an edge over the competition.

CTU alumni are skillfully able to translate their skill set into the cannabis industry position they’re applying to.

If an applicant doesn’t have much experience in the cannabis industry, completion of a marijuana courses indicates a strong grasp of the industry’s unique challenges. Certification can make a resume more robust and enticing for hiring managers.

Social Media for Marijuana Industry

Cannabis hiring managers are scouring professional social media networks such as Linkedin for top talent. Linkedin gives users the option to include supplemental education and certification to get in front of the eyes of recruiters.

CTU alumni are able to update their social media profiles after passing the certification program to reflect their newfound knowledge. Certification not only shows comprehensive mastery of the industry, but also an initiative to go above and beyond the job description requirements.

Relationship Building in Cannabis Industry 

CTU students are confident in attending local and national industry exhibitions, seminars, classes, and other events. Trade shows offer applicants a great way to connect in person with startups and established cannabis brands looking to hire.

Even if no job openings are available, attending these conferences with a basic understanding of the field can position job seekers with a valuable friend and contact for future openings.

Cannabis Training

Since the cannabis industry is relatively new, there aren’t that many applicants with direct experience in the field. Fortunately, applicants can use skills acquired from their previous job experience and apply them to relevant fields in the marijuana industry.

CTU provides students with a well-rounded education on cannabis medicine, cannabis business, cannabis careers, cannabis regulations, cannabis laws, how to grow cannabis, how to get a cannabis job, and more. This additional level of cannabis training is crucial to stand out among hiring managers.

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CTU students can be a fountain of knowledge on cannabis industry topics within the company. Cannabis training ensures that students have the most up-to-date information about regulations to remain compliant. Alumni are able to contextualize the industry and provide educated opinions and suggestions on key business decisions. Hiring managers want applicants that can add value beyond the listed job duties.

How CTU Students Stand Out to Hiring Managers

Do you want to stand out among others vying for a cannabis industry position? Sign up for CTU courses on cultivation, extraction, cooking, and other pertinent topics today. Job applicants can learn important customer service techniques and other business advice to give them a leg up in the competitive job pool.

Businesses can also invest in discounted company training for large group education. Don’t hesitate to invest in your future with CTU. Join CTU and learn first hand how CTU students stand out to hiring managers so you can land your cannabis job today! You will see first hand why Cannabis Training University is regarded as the best cannabis college, the leading marijuana school, and the top cannabis training college found online.

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