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The legalization of cannabis raises other questions among ancillary industries like hotels and other lodging. 

Many people who travel use hotels for their lodging. People that smoke cannabis look for hotels that cater to the cannabis user and allow cannabis consumption on-site.

In this article, we discuss why the hotel industry is hesitant to cater to cannabis users that want to indulge in their recreational pastime while away from home. We’ll also show you how you can safely and effectively consume cannabis discreetly while on your travels.

The Rooms

Some people who smoke cannabis might do so by using a vaporizer or toking; to maintain a low profile while on the road and in a hotel room. Vaporizers tend to produce less vapor and odor than traditional smoking methods (pipe, bong, joint, etc).

Joints, especially, tend to produce more smoke and odor than other methods of consumption. Every hotel has a smoking policy that guests are not allowed to violate. Even ones that provide cannabis-friendly spaces don’t allow consumption across the property. If guests violate these rules, then there will always be additional charges for such violations.

Because guests provide a credit card upon checking in, the hotel can easily add fines for anyguest violation. When guests check into a hotel, the first question asked by most receptionists is usually whether the guests want to stay in a smoking or non-smoking room. These days, however, becausesome people smoke cannabis, that question is not as common anymore.

Some hotels with strict non-smoking policies may install sensors in the rooms that detect nicotine, tobacco, and cannabis and alert management about someone smoking in a room. And, the sensor is tamper-proof, so if someone tries to remove it, the hotel staff will be alerted.

As technology improves and people become more health-conscious, smoking cannabis in non-smoking rooms is becoming harder to do. One of the best ways to enjoy cannabis in a hotel or other accommodation is to book a room that is cannabis friendly. As the industry grows, more hotels are becoming more accommodating to cannabis users.

The Recreational User

Many hotels tend to offer more non-smoking rooms than smoking rooms. There are various reasons for this, but recreational cannabis users have to be given an option to smoke cannabis at their convenience. If hotel chains want to be part of the legalized cannabis industry, it is in their best interest to accommodate people who smoke weed.

For some recreational cannabis users, going to a hotel that does not accommodate them and their need to smoke cannabis makes them try to hide it. This means that they will smoke cannabis in the room in violation of the hotel rules and try to disguise it by flushing the remains in the toilet or putting it in the trash receptacle. However, the smoke is still there.

To get rid of the smoke, some cannabis consumers will often bring their incense and burn it the entire time during their stay. However, burning incense in a hotel room may trigger the smoke detector. A scented candle may do the trick. Some will use air freshener to remove the smell.

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5 Things You Can Do to Consume Cannabis Discreetly

  1. Use a vaporizer pen to consume concentrates or flower. The smell is considerably less than joints or other ways to smoke flower. 
  2. Tip the cleaning crew daily so that they can keep your secret. Housekeepers can easily detect any lingering smoke, even if you think the room is smoke-free. Smoke can end up on surfaces in the room. Many hotel workers don't make that much money, and your additional gift could encourage them to help you hide the smell and the fact that you smoke weed while you are staying in the hotel.
  3. Make a ‘sploof,' a DIY device that can help reduce the odor from cannabis smoke. A sploof is made with dryer sheets and a plastic bottle or toilet paper roll. How-to make a DIY sploof: Fill aplastic bottle, finished toilet paper roll, etc. with dryer sheets. Use a few dryer sheets to cover one end of the roll. Secure the dryer sheets to the container with an elastic band. Exhale into tthe plastic bottle/toilet paper roll and the smell from the dryer sheets hides it from being detected.
  4. Turn on the shower with the temperature on hot and keep it running until the bathroom and room is steamy. The next step is to place a towel under the door to cover the crack and keep the smoke and odor inside the bathroom. Light up your joint and begin to smoke cannabis. The steam and the smoke will combine as the smell is neutralized. It is recommended to exhale the smoke directly into the steaming shower with the shower door or curtain closed. When you are done smoking the cannabis from the pipe or bong, don't put the roach into an ashtray. Instead, flush it in the toilet. Keep in mind, joints can produce more ash and odor. When you exit the bathroom, there will be no evidence that you had just smoked weed, except for a lingering smell that may dissipate in about half an hour.
  5. Edibles are an excellent hotel-friendly option since no smoke or odor is involved. Just keep in mind the difference in the onset and length of the effects compared to smoking or vaporizing cannabis. New and low tolerance users may become overwhelmed if they consume too much too soon.


After you've finished smoking and before you check out, make sure you have gotten rid of every piece of evidence that indicates you were getting high in the room. That includes any ash, rolling papers, filter, hemp wicks. You get the point. Make sure to properly clean up and pack your cannabis paraphernalia after every use. 

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Cannabis-Friendly Lodging

As the cannabis industry becomes more mainstream, a trend of cannabis-friendly tourism is gaining steam. Lodging options are offering the traditional bed-and-breakfast experience with the ability to legally consume cannabis on the premises. These private residences in legal states are places where you can legally consume cannabis with the owner's permission.

In addition, some traditional hotels have pivoted towards accommodating cannabis users. They may still have restrictions on where you can consume cannabis, but they also offer many cannabis-friendly experiences such as a CBD spa experience.

Check out Bud and Breakfast to view many lodging options that allow cannabis consumption.

Here are some of the best cannabis-friendly hotels:

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  • Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows (Santa Monica, CA)
  • The Jupiter (Portland, OR)
  • Casa Stefano (Oceania del Polonio, Uruguay)
  • Hotel Teatro (Denver, CO)
  • Julien Hotel & Spa (Boulder, CO)
  • The Standard Spa (Miami, FL)
  • The Bulldog Hotel (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
  • Dream Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Calistoga Motor Lodge and Spa (Napa Valley, CA)
  • Sir Sam’s Inn and Water Spa (Ontario, Canada)
  • La Quinta Resort & Club (Palm Springs, CA)
  • The St. Regis Aspen Resort (Aspen, CO)
  • Thompson Seattle (Seattle, WA)
  • Little Bay Cabins (Negril, Jamaica)

Learn How to Consume Cannabis Safely and Legally

In legal states, many cannabis users are able to consume cannabis discreetly and respectfully without having any issues. As long as you follow the hotel’s smoking policy and your state laws, you should be safe. Understanding the rules and regulations of the state you are in can help you stay out of trouble.

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