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In the city of Denver, you can find the most inexpensive weed, if you are working on a tight budget. The average weed prices in the city of Denver are about $40 to $50, if you are buying a quarter of an ounce. If you are going to buy an ounce, it could cost you up to $160. However, if ou are a savvy smoker, you will be aware which deals are the best. There are some tips that you should follow if you want to find the most inexpensive weed in Denver. To find cheap weed in Denver, it is essential to know what you should pay for the average price.

Knowing the Average Price

It is the first step for you to know the average price in order to find the most inexpensive weed. Go to more than one of your local marijuana dispensaries to check out their prices and then make a determination of what is deemed to be average after pooling all these prices together.

Before you establish the average price, bear in mind that some dispensaries offer deals and discounts, which you have to take into consideration. You should also know the potency of each marijuana strain so that you can figure out the best weed for the best price. Check out things like deals for first time buyers and find out more about ounce specials and discounts for marijuana concentrates and strains.

Getting Coupons

The next step is getting coupons for additional savings so that you can boasts about buying inexpensive weed in Denver. If you don't get those coupons, you might end up in the red, if you are working within the confines of a budget. There are several websites that offer coupons that can result in the purchase of inexpensive weed.

Check your local marijuana dispensary as well. Once you make your first purchase at your local cannabis dispensary, you can inquire about the kinds of discounts and deals that are offered. If you were to get coupons for your next purchase from one local dispensary, don't just stop there. Go to other dispensaries in your local area to see what they offer as it relates to coupon. By the time, you finish up with your next purchase; you would have paid so much less for your stash of inexpensive weed.

Additional Savings

Check the websites of your local or national marijuana dispensaries for additional savings.  You may visit one or more of these websites, depending on the savings that you notice. Look at links that relate to member perks, daily specials, discounts and promotions. Some dispensaries offer things like “Buy One, Get One Free.” On specific days, you might see the “One Penny Joints” deal as well. If you put all of these deals and discounts together, you will definitely end up enjoying substantial savings for inexpensive weed.

More is Usually Less

Last, but not least, more could be less. The same mantra is true for when you go grocery shopping. This means that you would buy in bulk and get more savings. Weed is the same. For the cheapest weed, it is best to buy in ounces instead of smaller increments. While a gram will cost you up to $10, in most instances, the entire 28 grams or an ounce could be $100 or less. If you were to add coupons to this, you might end up enjoying more savings, resulting in inexpensive weed.  You could go down to as little as $3 per gram instead of $10. Moreover, the entire ounce could last you longer, depending on how often you use. Get to know how to find the most inexpensive weed in other cities by visiting Cannabis Training University's blog page.

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