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How to start a marijuana dispensary in Oregon. Weed in a white bowl.

How To Start A Cannabis Dispensary In Oregon

You can start a cannabis dispensary in the state of Oregon, but not without a cannabis license. Fortunately for you, cannabis is legal in that state. There are certain conditions that you have to meet, if you want to apply for a cannabis dispensary license. As it stands today, the cannabis market is getting larger in that area of the nation as the years go by or since legalization. Like other states that have legalized weed, the state of Oregon is also experiencing growing pain in its industry, which is not abnormal.

Many entrepreneurs flood into these states including Oregon to get a piece of the pie. The cannabis industry has lots more potential as it begins to expand across the nation. Entrepreneurs are not only interested in opening a cannabis dispensary, but many of them are becoming cannabis cultivators that supply strains to these dispensaries. Let us now find out what the steps are to open up a weed dispensary, specifically in the state of Oregon.

The Licensing Phase

If you are considering how you go about getting a medical cannabis or recreational cannabis license in the state of Oregon, there are certain steps to take to obtain approval. Prior to starting the process, you need to carry out specific steps such as research of the tax liabilities, compliance guidelines and laws, market trends, where to acquire inventory, how to hire employees, training and other essentials that will help the business to succeed. You shouldn't go into this without the right information. It is like making a cake without the right recipe. You should be knowledgeable and informed about the cannabis industry and how the cannabis dispensary affects it.

Before The Application Process

Prior to starting the application process for a cannabis license, it is best to already secure an approved location for your retail weed shop. Make sure that this location complies with all the policies related to the cannabis program. For example, the state law requires that all dispensaries be a thousand feet from all cannabis shops and schools. You must have a specific mailing address and there are several documents that will need to be ready for submission along with your application. When you do so, it will streamline the application process so you can get through much faster. It requires five steps to open up a cannabis dispensary. The most challenging aspect is being able to afford the fees.

First Step

To open up the cannabis dispensary in the state of Oregon, complete each page of the license application form and make sure everything is accurate. You can submit the application on the Internet by creating a personal account on the website ran by Oregon State for cannabis legalization. Be sure to save the username and password in a safe location and keep a personal copy of the completed application form. Once you submit application for your cannabis license, patiently wait for that email to confirm that you can continue the application process.


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Second Step

Once you receive the confirmation email after submitting your application online, you will be required to verify your account using the link that arrives in the email. You will also be issued a personal MMD number, which you should save because you will need it on each form and correspondence that you might submit in the future to the cannabis program.

Third Step

Now, it is time to pay the fees for your application for licensing once your account is verified. You will have five days to submit the fees and if you don't, then the application will be voided.

The Fees

The registration fee is usually $3,500 and the application fee is $500. There is also an annual tracking system fee of $480. Each applicant also has to pay $35 for a background check. In addition, there is going to be huge capital of up to $500,000 to open up a new cannabis dispensary.

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Final Thoughts

After you have submitted all the documents and paid the fees and the background check has been done, it is time to wait for the approval of your cannabis license. Learn more about how to start a cannabis dispensary in each legalized state by visiting the Cannabis Training University.


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