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How To Take Quality Marijuana Pictures. Man holding a camera.
How To Take Quality Cannabis Pictures

How do you take quality cannabis pictures whether you are an experienced photographer or novice? Of course, either way, you may have a lot of challenges when taking cannabis pictures. In most instances, you must have the right lighting in your marijuana grow room to avoid any complications. The lighting will determine the appropriate appearance of your marijuana strain. It will need a keen eye in order to product images that are of the highest quality. It is important to portray the cannabis pictures in a positive light. Let us look at some of the helpful suggestions and tips that you should follow, if you want to improve all of your cannabis pictures.

The Samples

It is important that you begin by acquiring quality marijuana samples. If your weed samples come from a collection of strains that have not been carefully handled, then you wouldn't want to use those to take your cannabis pictures. If the samples arrive in a bag, then it is best to transfer immediately to a mason jar. In so doing, the strain will puff right back up, but if you keep it in the bag, it could get squashed. Get your samples from an experienced marijuana grower who knows the importance of maintaining quality. You could use samples from a collection of strains. However, it is going to take a longer time to acquire the right shot and to find a weed sample without a lot of damage.

Lighting Adjustment

As indicated before, lighting will be another challenge in taking quality cannabis pictures. If you are taking pictures inside a grow room or taking pictures of a specific strain sample, it is essential to get the appropriate lighting so that you can capture color and detail. You don't want to capture too much yellow because of poor lighting.

The Focus

Be sure that your camera lens is focused. This is another area of photography that is tough to handle by novices and even sometimes, the experienced person. If you don't have shaky hands and if your camera is good, then you don't have to be concerned about the focus. However, there are different levels of focus and marijuana has its own complexity. For that reason, it makes things more challenging to maintain the focus of the entire weed sample. To fix this, you would focus on a portion of the weed sample rather than the entire sample. Choose a central spot to focus on, create movement and then lock in the focus. You will get a higher quality in your cannabis pictures.

Use Macro Lens

You could also consider using macro lens, shooting the cannabis pictures using a Canon 7D camera that has 2.8 ‘macro lens.' Of course, you could choose any other camera with macro lens since these help you to maintain the focus and the depth.

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The Appropriate Message

Be sure to push a positive message as it relates to the cannabis bud or strain. Your image might produce negative connotations because of the federal label place on weed. Your cannabis pictures should portray weed as a medicine and nothing less. Never post your cannabis pictures along with money or guns beside them. Marijuana is a beautiful and beneficial plant, which has been treatment to many people and that is what your message should be. The marijuana plant is one that you can use for inspiration. Put your weed sample with something tangible that will enhance it even more. By so doing, you might be able to change the world's perception one picture at a time. Everything is about the approach. Find out more about taking quality cannabis pictures in a grow room by visiting the Cannabis Training University.

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