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If you plant weed at home or you are waiting for the next marijuana harvest season to arrive, then it is the ideal time to experiment with marijuana cigars. The original cannabis cigar was made from the Thai strain, but today, you can use any potent cannabis strains to make marijuana cigars. Check your local marijuana dispensary and ask your budtender which one of the marijuana strains is best for marijuana cigars. You can pick up these at your local dispensary, but why not take pride in making your own marijuana cigars? Let's now look at the method which is used to make these cigars.

The Method of How to Make Marijuana Cigars

There are certain supplies that you will need to make your marijuana cigars. Some of these supplies include:

  • Binding chord made out of twine or hemp
  • Skewers that are made from hemp or bamboo or you can use the stems left over after your marijuana harvest
  • Cannabis oil
  • Fan leaves that are fresh from your marijuana plant

You also need a healthy dose of patience. Start by getting rid of the extra stems that come from the marijuana flower. Be careful with the marijuana buds because you want to leave those intact. The next thing is to firmly press the marijuana buds around the bamboo or hemp skewer. Pack these tightly so as to maintain the shape. However, don't pack this too tightly or it will hamper the burn. Be aware that the bamboo or hemp skewer when removed, there will be a hole in it, which allows for sufficient airflow so you can smoke your cannabis cigar smoothly.

Once the cannabis buds are shaped around the bamboo or hemp skewer, bind the cannabis buds in one place using the twine or binding chord. Prior to smoking, be sure to remove the twine or binding chord. Wrap everything in a parchment paper and then put it in the refrigerator so it can be hardened. Let it sit there for a few days.

The Wrapping

Make sure your marijuana cigars are wrapped properly. This is very important to the process. Take out the sticks from your refrigerator after three to seven days. Be sure to remove the twine or binding chord from around the sticks. You should notice how the marijuana bud retains its shape after removing the twine. Don't use the regular rolling paper or blunt wrap. Instead, use the fan leaves to wrap the sticks.

Now, you have a full-fledged marijuana cigar, but you are not done yet. This is where you need the patience. Use the cannabis oil to coat the fan leaves. Take your time so all areas of the cigar will be coated. The cannabis oil acts as glue to keep the twine stuck to the surface. Use a lighter to melt the oil concentrate as you make the application. It spreads the oil much easier around the surface. Once the surface is coated, is it now time to wrap the surface of the bud using the fan leaves. You should repeat this until you have the entire stick wrapped.

When finished, put the marijuana cigars into a container that is sealed and airtight. Leave it there for a few days and then repeat the oil coating process about three additional times. When you have completed the final wrap, let the marijuana cigars sit for up to two weeks so they can be cured. The length of time is important, if you want a smoother smoke.

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Final Thoughts on How to Make Marijuana Cigars

Enjoy your marijuana cigars. To learn more about how to make other cannabis products, visit the Cannabis Training University, the leading marijuana training now.

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