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If you have had a need to use a weed pipe or bong, but stuck at home without one at any given time, it can be quite inconvenient. If you have weed and a lighter and do not have paper, pipe or bong to smoke it, you may want to try making a homemade bowl using an apple. But what if you don't have an apple either? Well, if you do, then it is the cheapest, easiest and most convenient way to make weed pipe and bongs at home. The apple weed pipe is very creative, natural and the temporary solution to smoking marijuana.

Using Fruits and Veggies to Make Weed Pipes and Bongs

There are countless ways that you can use to create a weed pipe and bong using all kinds of fruits and veggies. This is a neat way to help you with a temporary solution until you can get to that permanent solution. While you may not be MacGyver, you can create your own paraphernalia in a few easy steps, turning an apple into a weed pipe.

One of the most popular contraptions is the apple weed pipe and a gravity bong made from a water bottle. Use your imagination to overcome any thought of limitations. Be as creative as possible as other recreational cannabis user has. If you make it and it works, it could be the smoking device you need when you are in a bind.

The Cannabis Experience

If you want to have a good cannabis experience and you are at home without any clue of how you will be able to smoke your weed, then it is time to know the steps to making weed pipe and bongs using homemade methods. Let's take a look at how you would begin and the items that you would possible need to do so. If you are going to use fruits and veggies, it is best to start with something sturdy. If you have no fruits and vegetables on hand, you could consider a plastic container as long as it too is sturdy. Some of the suggestions are:

  • Apples
  • Bell peppers
  • Carrots
  • Water bottles
  • Fall pumpkins
  • Summer watermelons

These have been proven to work well since they maintain their shape wile constructing and consuming. For example, carrots are very sturdy. You can carve it into a bowl, creating a steam roller.

Tip: If you want to cure that cotton mouth after smoking the apple weed pipe, then eat the outer part of the apple.

Before you start making the weed pipe or bong, make sure you gather up your supplies. If you fail on the first try, make sure you have enough apples or other fruit and plastic containers to keep trying. If the apple doesn't work for you, try a pumpkin or watermelon, depending on the season of the year. To make a hole in the fruit or veggie, use a pen, but make sure the ink has been removed. Use aluminum foil to connect components of your weed pipe. Just make sure not to use it as a bowl piece because the lighter heat could result in oxidation. This can be harmful to your lungs.

Tip: A toothpick or straw could be used instead of a pen. Stay away from mushy fruits or veggies such as bananas and oranges.

First Time Smokers

If you are a first time marijuana smoker, and you want to cheat on some of the steps, then get a prefabricated bowl to use It is quite handy, if you want to use pre-made components with your weed pipe. When it comes time to insert the bowl piece into the plastic container, it is important to melt the container using the lighter. Get this done before you poke the hole into the container, creating an airtight seal for a better smoke.

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