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Colorado, being one of the first states in the U.S to legalize Marijuana both medically and recreationally, has a blooming cannabis industry and several awesome dispensaries to top it off with. If you’re looking for top-quality cannabis served in a legal and friendly fashion alike, you need not look further than the wide selection to choose from in the Centennial state.

Since legalization, the various shops that have popped up all over Colorado offer customers a wide variety of cannabis flowers, concentrates, and edibles to suit every individual’s needs and wants. Be sure to check out these 10 awesome marijuana dispensaries in Colorado that'll leave you wanting to come back for more, guaranteed.

1. Native Roots Cannabis Company, 20 locations

Native Roots Colorado Marijuana Dispensary logo

Native Roots Cannabis Company is not only known for its high-quality marijuana for all tastebuds, but you can conveniently find them in 20 different locations across the state of Colorado. Even with so many locations, one would be surprised at how busy these shops can get. But then again, that’s only a testament to their great product, and it’s worth the wait to sometimes queue in line to get the best.

Make your pick from a variety of strains and products at this awesome dispensary, including everything from edibles, bubble hash, shatter and wax. And if you’re uncertain about anything, they have their own team of experts to guide you. Having won a ton of awards, including being coined Colorado’s top dispensary in 2016, Native Roots is an excellent spot to get top quality cannabis.

2. Infinite Wellness Center, Fort Collins

Infinite Wellness Center Marijuana Dispensary Logo

The Infinite Wellness Center is awesome for its essential creed of promoting the positive aspects of marijuana culture. Selling top-shelf cannabis flower in addition to an assortment of other cannabis products, this dispensary strives for exceptional and non-judgmental customer service. Claiming to have the biggest selection of “quality flower,” in Fort Collins, these guys and gals grow all their strains indoor so all of their products are as pure as it gets.

3. Smoking Gun Apothecary, Denver

Smoking Gun Marijuana Dispensary


Also known as Colorado’s cannabis saloon what’s cool about this place other than the great products, is that this speakeasy-style dispensary also serves as an anti-prohibition museum. With an 1870 setting, the Smoking gun has fascinating art and historical facts throughout the dispensary, which reveals a lot about the history of cannabis prohibition. Of course, when it comes to cannabis, their products are top-shelf.


4. Maggie’s Farm, 7 Locations

maggies farm colorado 1

Maggie's Farm has seven conveniently located recreational and medical dispensaries scattered across Southern Colorado. With a nice selection of award-winning flowers, concentrates, edibles and topicals, Maggie’s serve the needs of cannabis connoisseurs to the canna curious of all sorts, at various locations. When it comes to the top 10 awesome marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, we had to include Maggie’s for the friendliness and convenience, apart from the top-quality bud – that is!

5. The Green Solution, Silver Plume

Building with Green Solution sign on it.

Identified as Colorado’s second-largest cannabis chain, The Green Solution up in the mountains are particularly prone to attract travellers from near and far. With two dispensaries, visitors can get their taste of legal cannabis here, also home to scores of beautiful indoor marijuana grows.

Follow your nose to The Green Solution’s other dispensary, which lies just off the interstate, for a literal window into one of Colorado’s largest cannabis cultivation ops. Tailored especially for customers, these guys carved a 270-degree viewing room into its growing section, so you can get the indoor grow experience without contaminating the product.

6. Sweet Leaf, Denver & Oregon

Wood paneling store front with Sweet Leaf marijuana dispensary logo in white.

This dispensary has received lots of loving when it comes to rankings; awarded “Most Valuable Brand” and “Best Retail Center”. Sweat Leaf is more than just a dispensary, putting on all kinds of cool free community events, that brings together cannabis thought leaders and lovers of live music. Get your buzz on at Sweet Leaf, because it rightfully deserves a spot on our list of 10 awesome marijuana dispensaries in Colorado.

7. Lightshade Marijuana Dispensary, Denver

Counter of lightshade marijuana dispensary.

Dating back to 2011, Lightshade Marijuana Dispensary has grown greatly since then, expanding into 6 locations conveniently located across Denver. Famous for their top-shelf cannabis, Lightshade boasts their own state-of-the-art growing facilities. Home to some of the highest THC levels of any strains in Colorado, it’s a no-brainer why cannabis connoisseurs and first-time ganja users alike all fall in love with this compassionate and reputable home-grown style dispensary.

8. Medicine Man, Aurora

medicine man dispensary 1

Medicine Man offers recreational and medical cannabis in both Denver and  Aurora, Colorado. MM is known for great customer service and quality cannabis products.

Medicine Man dispensary is a family run business and offers concentrates, edible cannabis, topical cannabis and of course, amazing cannabis flower.

Medicine man offers virtual tours to check out their awesome boutique style Colorado dispensary so check it out!

9. High Level Health, Denver

High Level marijuana dispensary logo in green, black and white.

High Level Health lives up to its name by serving exceptional cannabis flowers and concentrates. In emphasizing the overall wellness and satisfaction of clientele with all-natural growing methods and attention to detail, High Level Health and has its own exclusive breeding program.

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Their strains Papa Smurph and Platinum Valley are highly regarded, while some of their other offerings have gone through careful genetic manipulation and are popular among both recreational and medical consumers, alike. Daily deals run the gamut here. Joints are generously priced $7.94 for one, $14.30 for two, and $19.06 for three, half-ounces are $79.42. 

10. Starbuds Marijuana Dispensaries– 11 Locations

StarBuds Marijuana Dispensary storefront in Colorado.

Starbuds Marijuana Dispensaries are found around almost every corner, offering a variety of awesome products, sold by knowledgeable budtenders. Much like walking into a Starbucks, you will be treated to your heart’s desires at Starbuds. As a bonus, Starbuds also offers a nifty rewards program for discounted future purchases. Get both medical and recreational cannabis at any of their eleven reputable branches.

Don't know where to start? Try Starbuds' Cannabis Cup-winning sativa. Lastly but certainly not least, we’ve got to admit the name is pretty clever. Get yourself to Starbuds for some unique CBD-infused products, like donuts, cereal, and of course, coffee!

We hope you enjoy ticking down this list of 10 awesome marijuana dispensaries in Colorado. Why not start venturing out today to some Colorado Cannabis Dispensaries!

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