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If you are unfamiliar with marijuana prices on the legal cannabis market then you may not know what you should buy and for how much. It can be quite tricky, if you are a new cannabis user.

You could shop around first and look for discounts, but it can be a laborious and time consuming process. You may find some good deals, but you have to know where to look and what you are looking for. Let's explore cannabis prices.

How Much Does Cannabis Cost?

Marijuana pricing for buds or dried flower average about $10 for a gram. Keep in mind that sales per gram are not as common in the U.S. and Canada as they are in markets across the world. Instead, you are more likely to see cannabis being sold in eighths (3.5 grams), quarters (7 grams), halves (14 grams), and ounces (28 grams).

Cannabis oils, derivatives, and concentrates carry a higher price tag than cannabis flower products due to the additional processing needed to extract cannabis resin and refine the product.

Sometimes marijuana prices may vary from one extreme to the next. There can be retail locations with marijuana prices as low as five bucks for a gram. On the opposite side of the price spectrum, there can be exotic marijuana strains that are sold for as much as $40 for a gram. So, it is safe to say that there is a noticeable variability when it comes to the pricing.

Where to Find Marijuana Prices

There is easy access to various related websites and apps that will help you understand what you should look for, how much you will pay, and where it can be found.

For accurate marijuana prices, consider using Leafly to help you determine fair pricing. They show marijuana pricing for different states and dispensaries. They also show which dispensaries are having sales. Make sure you explore the many options out there on the Internet to find the best value.

Cannabis Brands Do Not Have National Pricing

Although many cannabis brands may operate across several legal cannabis markets, the prices of their products vary depending on the location. Why? Every legal market has different regulations, competition, growing environment, and tax rates. Differences across each market affect the prices of a brand’s product, despite being the same product.

Dispensary Prices vs. Street Prices

Cannabis prices at dispensaries are higher than prices from illicit dealers. Licensed dispensaries must pay a wide range of operational expenses (employee wages, rent, utilities, etc.), licensing fees, and testing fees. Black market dealers are not regulated and do not pay these expenses, allowing them to sell cannabis for cheap.

Major Factors That Affect Weed Prices

As with other purchases, you should look out for additional requirements or restrictions to marijuana prices when shopping for weed. There are some major factors that go into the final cost.

One major factor is taxes and others are the specific dispensary location, the quality of the product, federal legalization, and supply and demand of certain products and strains.


Taxes have the most impact on marijuana prices. The sin taxes on alcohol, for example, add to the total price of any alcohol productse. When it comes to cannabis, state and local taxes can add up and make buying weed very expensive. Every state has its own tax rules, so it will depend on where you buy and what the tax rates are in your state and city.

In Washington State, for example, you will pay 37% in sales taxes. Some marijuana dispensaries will just go ahead and include the taxes in the shelf price to soften the blow when consumers get to the cash register. The same is true for the state of Oregon, but their tax rate is 25%. The state of Colorado's sales tax rate is 2.9% for retail and an extra 10% for a special tax.


So, you see the importance of taxes when it comes to marijuana prices, but location is just as significant when purchasing weed. If you live in an expensive part of town, then you can expect to pay more for marijuana products. Certain parts of the cities across the United States have a higher demand and the higher the demand, the higher the price will be.

Quality of Cannabis Strains

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The quality of the marijuana strains is going to drive the price. For strains that are better in quality, the marijuana prices will be higher across the board. The higher the THC level for recreational use, the higher the price. The higher the CBD level for medical use, the higher the price.

  • Common factors that consumers use to evaluate the quality of cannabis include the following:
  • Cannabinoid content (THC and CBD)
  • Aroma
  • Taste
  • Quality of high
  • Duration of high
  • Lack of adverse effects

Outdoor vs. Indoor Cultivation

In general, cannabis grown outdoors is cheaper than weed grown indoors. Indoor cannabis growing requires more HVAC, lights, and other environmental control tools to maintain an optimal growing environment.

Outdoor cannabis does not need as much equipment. Although outdoor cannabis may be cheaper, it can be just as good as indoor weed when grown properly and has a lower impact on the environment.


In today's competitive cannabis market, branding and packaging can help a company stand out but can also affect the price of your cannabis. In addition, strict packaging and labeling regulations which vary by state add on to the total production costs

Supply and Demand

Cannabis prices are affected by supply and demand in your area. When supply is high, prices tend to go down. When demand is high, prices tend to go up. Cannabis prices can be affected by market trends. For example, certain strains can be more expensive due to their rarity or novelty.

How to Save Money on Cannabis

We get it. Weed can burn a hole through your pockets fast, especially in some highly-taxed cannabis markets. If you plan to consume cannabis regularly, you need to find ways to reduce your weed expenses. Luckily, we have a few tips that can help out.

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  • Shop the deals – Subscribe to dispensary newsletters, text alerts, or check dispensary databases to be the first to know about deals. No matter what type of cannabis product you like, there's bound to be a deal on it near you.
  • Consume in moderation – Cut back on the amount of weed you consume or take a tolerance break to lower your tolerance level. While smoking weed can be fun, avoid consuming more weed than you need.
  • Grow weed at home – If it’s legal in your state, grow weed at home to save money. You get to control every aspect of the growing process and grow your favorite strains.
  • Buy in bulk – Buying in bulk is usually cheaper than buying smaller amounts at a time. If you usually buy an eight, try buying a quarter or an ounce (if legal) at a time. Under the right storage conditions, your weed can last for months without a noticeable difference in potency.

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