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The cannabis industry is on the rise and gaining popularity as more states become legalized and more people have accepted the benefits of medical marijuana. The marijuana tourism industry continues to flourish.

For that reason, the marijuana tourism industry is also showing progress and many entrepreneurs are taking advantage of it.  

Likely, the most popular of businesses associated with cannabis is tourism. Yes, the marijuana tourism is definitely making waves in the industry these days.

A cannabis tour is something that cannabis tourists seek out to learn more about the industry, its laws and other things. So why is there so much interest in cannabis tours?

Marijuana Tourism Industry Opportunities  

Cannabis tourism is a burgeoning niche tourism industry as cannabis legalization expands to more states and nations.

This innovative kind of travel presents a singular opportunity to investigate cannabis cultivation, products, culture, and history for both enthusiasts and the inquisitive.

Cannabis tourism: What is it?

Cannabis tourism is the term for travel made primarily for the purpose of consuming cannabis, learning about its production, attending cannabis-themed events, or just taking in the local culture in areas where cannabis use is accepted and even encouraged.

Cannabis-friendly States and Regions

Although there are certain locations where cannabis is allowed for recreational use, not all of them have a thriving tourism industry. The following are some of the notable 420-friendly states and areas:

Colorado: Colorado is a pioneer in cannabis tourism as one of the first states to legalize cannabis for recreational use. Numerous tours, bars, and events with a cannabis theme are held in Denver in particular.

California: The Golden State provides a variety of tours of dispensaries, production sites, and picturesque consuming locations, from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

Oregon: The cannabis industry is growing in Portland and the areas around it, with many tours and 420-friendly lodging options.

Washington: Seattle offers a variety of cannabis-related excursions and activities, including “bud and breakfast” hotels and practical culinary lessons.

Alaska has a developing cannabis tourist industry with a variety of outlets and clubs in addition to its breathtaking natural beauty.

Massachusetts: Dispensaries, tours, and lounges are popping up as cannabis tourism expands, particularly in and around Boston.

cannabis tourism. 420 friendly cannabus

Organizations that Provide Cannabis Tours

A number of businesses have developed to serve this expanding sector:

Provides information on the California cannabis industry, from seed to sale, according to Emerald Farm Tours (California).

Featuring the recognizable yellow “Canna-bus,” High 5 Tours (Oregon) provides a distinctive mobile lounge experience.

Alaska Weed Tours: Provides an insight into Alaska's legal marijuana economy while also providing beautiful scenery.

Taking into Account Cannabis Tourists

Cannabis may be lawful in the state or nation you are visiting, but it is still illegal to transport marijuana across state lines or internationally.

Even in states where marijuana use is permitted, many jurisdictions only permit use on private property. Consumption in public places could result in penalties or legal issues.

Tolerance: It's important to start slowly with cannabis, especially for first-timers, to prevent overconsumption.

Respect: Keep in mind to be discreet and polite. Cannabis use may not be accepted or supported by everyone in a state where it is legal.

The Growth of Marijuana Tourism

The marijuana tourism industry has seen success and is not been a surprise because of the growth of the industry.

Marijuana products such as beer and wine are also become a part of these tours where you can have a taste test while you check out the different related businesses creating these products. In addition, marijuana enthusiasts will benefit from learning about new strains and legal practices of the industry.

You will connect with individuals who share similar beliefs about the marijuana industry. The future also holds a lot to expect such as the expansion of the industry as it relates to tourism.

There won't be any shortage of prospective entrepreneurs as the tourism industry continues to grow and open new markets.

As cannabis legalization continues to spread across the country, “cannatourism” is becoming more and more popular in an increasing number of areas.

Although some people were dubious about the potential of this type of business venture in the early days of cannabis legalization, the success of several booming cannabis tourism companies has put those doubts to rest.

It turns out that cannatourism has become a profitable business that appeals to a broad demographic.

Those looking to embark on an interesting career in cannabis should consider cannabis tourism as a potentially lucrative pursuit.

And if you merely enjoy cannabis, consider a cannabis theme to your next vacation. Many have already done so and have been happy with the experience.

A recent article in Forbes details this diversity. “Cannabis attracts everyone from lawyers to truckers,” Deidra Bagdasarian, co-founder of Ganja Goddess Getaway, said.

Bagdasarian’s business attracts women of all ages and occupations for a special California weekend getaway that includes yoga, spa treatments, educational classes, and endless opportunities to consume cannabis.

Vaporizers, skin creams, and infused smoothies are just a few of the ways women enjoy cannabis at these retreats. Some of the women are seasoned cannabis consumers who are no strangers to the plant, while others are curious newcomers to the use of marijuana.

Ganja Goddess Getaways allows all women to experience cannabis in a safe, educational, and supportive environment.

The business venture has proven so successful that Bagdasarian plans to take her women weekend getaways to other legal recreational cannabis states in the near future, as well as expand the business overseas to cannabis-friendly countries.

This type of business is just one of many opportunities for entrepreneurs who found ways to capitalize on the publics seemingly endless fascination with cannabis.

Allowing people to freely enjoy marijuana together on weekends and vacations is becoming increasingly popular and is only bound to increase.

Cannatourism can include any of a broad range of activities with a cannabis theme, from cannabis cooking classes and 420-friendly music events to cultivation and dispensary tours.

Numerous Diverse Opportunities

Those with the foresight to plan a viable cannatourism business took a gamble on the fascination many people have for cannabis and its rapidly growing industry.

In short, cannabis tourism celebrates marijuana through comprehensive programs to educate and promote responsible consumption with like-minded people.

According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, cannabis tourism has increased 51% since 2014, attracting 6.5 million cannabis tourists to the state.

The state has generated more than $10B since it legalized adult-use marijuana in 2014.

As the first state to legalize recreational cannabis, Colorado had a head start in cannatourism.

Some entrepreneurs were quick to recognize the huge potential in cannabis tourism dollars and jumped on the concept since the start of full legalization in Colorado.

As so often is the case with Colorado, which is more or less the cannabis guinea pig state for the rest of the nation when it comes to cannabis policies and practices, other legal adult-use states took notice and ramped up their cannabis tourism markets.

With Colorado paving the way, luxury vacations and services across the country are popping up with increasing regularity.

Massages with cannabis oils and lotions, specialty-chef cannabis dinners, cooking classes, and general-education cannabis classes—as well as numerous other cannabis-related business ventures—are paying off for those with the perseverance to chase their dreams in untested markets.

Two states in particular, Colorado and California, which already rely on tourism for their economy, are leading the charge with cannabis tourism, but they are far from the only states embarking on interesting cannatourism opportunities.

California Cannabis Tourism

Although full cannabis legalization came to California later than some other states, that state’s influence on the emerging cannabis industry is already huge, largely because of its size and agriculture prowess. California has been famous for its cannabis cultivation for many decades.

Humboldt County is almost synonymous with cannabis and has supplied the country with top-grade flower for generations of consumers. T

wo other Northern California counties in close proximity to Humboldt, Trinity and Mendocino, are now lumped together as the three counties that form the “Emerald Triangle” known for the production of outstanding cannabis.

As is the case in Colorado, California’s cannabis entrepreneurs have gotten creative with cannabis tourism and combined some of the region’s other noteworthy agricultural endeavors—specifically the wine industry—and bundled it with canna-tourism. “

Weed and Wine” tours are becoming all the rage in California, as two of its top crops dazzle locals and out-of-state tourists alike.

There are many similarities to Colorado’s cannabis tours, with 420-friendly lodging, catered meals, and cannabis and wine tastings being included in tour packages. Cannabis-infused wine tastings are available from companies like Cannavines

Weed and Wine tours and other cannabis tourism opportunities in California, Colorado, and other states are available at

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420-Friendly Lodging

Of course, when you go on a cannabis vacation, you need a place to stay—preferably somewhere that’s copacetic to the use of marijuana. Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and other major cities in states with legal adult use have 420-friendly hotels and some specifically to cannabis consumers.

Some of these hotels even feature daily activities like “Wake and Bake” cannabis-friendly breakfasts and other cannabis-consumption opportunities throughout the day. Bud and Breakfast is a cannabis tourism company with opportunities for cannabis-friendly travel and lodging not only throughout the United States’ adult-use regions but other countries, like Uruguay, Spain, and Jamaica.

So, whether you’re looking for a new cannabis-related business opportunity or merely want to plan a fun and different type of vacation, consider a cannabis theme on your next big adventure.

Most likely, you will have a wonderful time that’s full of fun!

cannabis tour at the cannabis museum in Amsterdam

How to Plan a Cannabis Getaway

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The growth of the industry and its impact on tourism is obvious and expected to improve. If you would like to know learn about the marijuana tourism industry, visit the Cannabis Training University's blog page.

Cannabis tourism is a fascinating and quickly expanding industry that offers distinctive experiences and insights into the cannabis industry. 

There is a green adventure waiting for you, whether you are an experienced enthusiast or just interested.

Always be knowledgeable, considerate, and responsible when engaging in any cannabis-related activities.

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