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If you don't know who Mike Tyson is, you must live on another planet. Mike Tyson is a well-renowned boxer that made his name more than a decade ago. Now that medical and recreational cannabis has been legalized in the state of California, Mike Tyson wants his share of the action. And so, he has turned his California place into a cannabis ranch. He plans to use it extensively to turn a profit.

Mike Tyson has not held back in making it public that he used cannabis throughout his boxing career. He has also been addicted to cocaine at times during his boxing gigs. In October 2000, Mike Tyson fought and won Andrew Golota in a technical knockout boxing bout, but after he was tested positive for cannabis, the outcome was changed to ‘no contest.'

The Venture

Now that he is out of boxing, Mike Tyson is now focused on this new cannabis venture at his ranch in California. This cannabis ranch is twenty acres and the plan is to open it up to farming for master cannabis growing. He also wants to have a supply store, edible factory, amphitheater and campground. Tyson also plans to use the location to have a cultivation school for potential cannabis growers with the intention of teaching the most current and best ways to grow their own cannabis strains to perfection. It was in December 2017 that Mike Tyson broke ground on his cannabis ranch venture. At the groundbreaking, Jennifer Wood, Mayor of California City and Mike Tyson's business associates were present for the celebration to the start of the construction.

Medical Research

In addition to this cannabis ranch, Mike Tyson is also considering different other ways that he can utilize the location. That might include trademark of “Iron Mike Genetics” as it relates to cannabis. He plans to use the facility to improve and bolster medical research and treatment of the cannabis plant.

The Military

Mike Tyson is known to be a long time advocate of medical cannabis consumption and currently, he employs military veterans at his cannabis ranch and many of them have issues with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It is known that medical cannabis helps to successfully treat PTSD. The cannabis ranch will include a camping ground with cabins and so Tyson wants to invite the attendees to smoke and stay overnight. This 20 acre plot of land is located close to Edwards Air Force Base and as a result, Tyson is expected to let the ranch be a good source of employment for military veterans.

The Intention

The state of California allows licenses for medical and recreational cannabis. Mike Tyson has sure capitalized on this in a huge way. The former heavyweight boxer also calls his cannabis ranch a cannabis resort located in Mojave Desert, which is a 110 mile, if you drive from north Los Angeles. Tyson expects to use the cannabis ranch to make money, but his resort is intended to provide holistic care, especially for the military veterans close by. The edibles factory is going to provide innovative cannabis products that will be offered to the general public, but also the same military veterans.

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Final Summary

In addition to all of this, Mike Tyson is also going to host a music festival on his cannabis ranch on February 23, 2019. This festival is going to include performances from some great musical artists. In January 2017, Tyson also released a song called, “If You Show Up.” He also is said to have provided boxing training to musical artists, Chris Brown. This is going to be the first music festival of its kind in the state of California. At the festival, there will be no cannabis products for sale. However, attendees will be welcomed to bring their own products on the ranch. The cost to attend is $55.

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