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Near South Sheridan Boulevard and West Wyoming Place in Denver Colorad, you will find Mile High Dispensary. Mile High Dispensary is a licensed cannabis store that deals with both medical and recreational marijuana. It serves medical marijuana to patients 18 years and older and recreational marijuana to people 21 years and older in the recreational store.

The Mile High Dispensary is famous for its affordable prices and customary-friendly service in Colorado.

Denver is considered the birthplace of recreational marijuana. There are several marijuana dispensaries, so it might be a bit difficult to find the best Colorado dispensary. However, there are always some features that set dispensaries apart, for instance:

  • Prices of products
  • Dispensary services
  • The attitude of the management, etc.

Since 2009, Mile High Dispensary pioneers in the Colorado Medical Marijuana industry. It is known for developing premium strains and concentrates at competitive prices.

Mile High Dispensary, LLC has 23 total employees across all its locations and generates $280,571 in sales (USD).

Amenities at the Mile High Dispensary

  • Street Parking:

The Mile High allows patients street parking. So you do not have to worry if you cannot get a parking space. Just park your vehicle on the street and off you go!

  • Dogs Allowed:

Dog owners do not need to keep their dogs at home on their trips to the dispensary. The Mile High Dispensary allows you to take your dogs when shopping for marijuana.

  • Gender-neutral Restrooms

Restrooms are available at the Mile High Dispensary, so if you are tired of waiting for your product or the queue is too long, you may rest for a while at the dispensary.

  • Offers Military Discount:

Customers belonging to the military services group can get handsome discounts with purchases made at the dispensary.

Mile High dispensary hours:

Due to Covid-19, the operation hours are 9 am-7 pm.

You Get A Variety of Products

Mile High Dispensary Menu includes medicated beverages, flower, and concentrates. In addition, you get a variety of infused products, including:

Driven from Sativa, India, and hybrid plants, it has a wide range of cannabis strains. Mile High Purps is one of Denver's most popular strains. Customers often demand:

  • Golden Goat
  • New York Diesel and
  • Blue Dream strain

The exclusive and renowned brands such as High Country, Snaxland, Veritas, Bloom County take on the shelves at the Mile High Dispensary. Mile High dispensary coupons and special deals offer cannabis products at discounted rates.

Friendly Staff and Quality Services

Mile High has been catering to the needs of its customers since 2009. It employs a bunch of people with in-depth knowledge of cannabis and skills to serve their customers. The staff is highly qualified and will answer your queries related to medical and recreational marijuana.

They treat their customer with respect and warmth. Friendly co-workers help you to get comfortable and share your emotional and mental needs with the staff.

They are known to assist you in finding the flower and products that work for you best as far as quality and price. Not only in the medical domain but the Mile High Dispensary staff also helps you to get registered.

Other services include:

  • On-site notary assistance with all state paperwork
  • Complimentary postage on all applications
  • Doctor referrals
  • Serving customers 21 and older

Customers of Mile High Dispensary are satisfied with the costs of the products sold at the dispensary. Flowers, edibles, tinctures: all are available at reasonable and affordable prices. It is due to high competition among dispensaries in Colorado.

Instead of segregating the products based on quality and price, High Mile Dispensary offers a fixed rate for all strains. All the buds are rated equally so that the patients can choose their medicines based on their preferences.

A Career at Mile High Dispensary

If you are looking for a cannabis industry job in Denver, then Mile High dispensary jobs may be a good option. The dispensary recruits the best workers with the qualification required for working in different parts of the dispensary.

A degree or certificate in cultivation, farming, or gardening is a must to work on the grow-side. Dispensing and patient dealing requires strong communication skills and sales experience.

Once recruited, you have a chance of excelling in this field as daily interaction with patients will hone your abilities and skills. A handsome salary package, facilities, and perks are what everyone wants, and you can have it all here.

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It has a learning culture and a cooperative environment. The worker maintains a good work-life balance.

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