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What Are Moon Rocks and How Do You Smoke Them?

Moon Rocks and their origination are kind of fuzzy. However, according to rumors, they were concocted by a marijuana dispensary known as Starbudz760.

It is also said that Kurupt, a famous rapper on the West Coast and Dr. Zodiak, Kurupt’s partner trademarked a version of the product and continued to popularize it. 

Today, Dr. Zodiak’s Moon Rocks are available in a variety of cannabis strains and concentrate flavor combinations including Vanilla Mango, Peaches N’ Cream, Black Cherry, Vanilla Ice Cream, and Banana.

The potency will vary, depending on how the product is made and the person who produced it. Most times, the THC level is about fifty percent.  

If you are an advanced recreational cannabis user, Moon Rocks would be highly recommended for you because of the powerful punch that it packs.

Why Consume Moon Rocks?

Moon Rock’s high THC levels come at a premium price, but also provide some value in terms of its potency.

Moon Rocks are the decadent offering you can pull out to treat yourself or friends.

THC percentages in moon rocks can range from 50% to 90% or even higher, depending on the potency of the starting materials and how they are assembled.

Medicinal patients can enjoy a fun and strong way to get the relief they need for chronic pain, inflammation, spasms, and other medical conditions.

While you can certainly make your own Moon Rocks, you can also can buy pre-made ones from a dispensary.

Avoid the Grinder

Weed grinders can undermine the entire purpose of your resin-covered Moon Rocks. Avoid putting in any broken down Moon Rocks inside a grinder.

The grinder’s sharp teeth may do a good job of breaking up the weed, but you’ll be left with a sticky and unmanageable mess with wax and kief stuck in every crevice of the grinder.

Not only will you ruin the Moon Rocks, but also the grinder. Instead, use your hands or some scissors or a knife to keep the carefully-assembled layers intact as best as you can.

Using Glassware to Consume Moon Rocks

You can smoke Moon Rocks using glassware such as a pipe or bong. You are not smoking the usual flower since it is greasy and thick.

Pack your glass bowl loosely when smoking Moon Rocks to improve the airflow when you’re inhaling and prevent a clogged bowl. The cannabis concentrate can melt as you smoke and run down the sides of your bowl and inside your piece.

Moon Rocks are an elevated version of your traditional buds, so consider your dose size carefully. A smaller bowl size may be more ideal for Moon Rocks compared to your usual dose of flower.

Moon rocks should never be used with a dry herb or concentrate vaporizer. The mixed material will spill into your vaporizer oven and other crucial components.

Put On Top of Flower

Moon Rocks is very greasy in texture, making it difficult to light. Consider smoking it by throwing it on the top of some flower.  It will make an intense high. You could go a step further and break up the Moon Rocks and then sprinkle on top of the grounded cannabis buds.

Adding Moon Rock bits into your joints, spliffs, and blunts takes some finesse. Breaking apart Moon Rocks is hard enough. You want to break or cut apart small pieces of Moon Rocks that can fit inside your joint without obstructing airflow.

Since Moon Rocks are slightly harder to burn and keep lit, you may need to re-light your joint throughout the smoking session to avoid an uneven burn.

What are CBD Moon Rocks?

Looking for an alternative to the mega-high experienced from consuming THC Moon Rocks? CBD Moon Rocks are made from hemp flower and hemp-derived wax concentrate and kief. Hemp can produce CBD-rich flower with trace amounts of THC that won’t produce a high.

While CBD Moon Rocks won’t cause a high, you should still proceed with caution. Overconsuming CBD Moon Rocks can cause some mild lightheadedness and dizziness. CBD Moon Rocks can be consumed just like THC Moon Rocks.

What are Sun Rocks?

Sun Rocks are a popular and more potent alternative to the traditional Moon Rocks available at dispensaries. Sun Rocks look just like their counterparts, but instead of having an opaque cannabis concentrate and kief that’s covering your buds, a nearly translucent oil blankets buds with a heavy dusting of kief.

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The entire concoction packs up to 80 percent THC using the highest-quality buds, rosin, and kief.

The Appropriate Environment

If you are going to smoke Moon Rocks, be sure you are in a comfortable environment and one that will give you a good vibe. Comfort is important because you are going to be out and in a stuck mode, so much that all you want to do is chill.

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