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The marijuana industry has enjoyed real growth and enthusiasm lately. This is partially fueled by huge developments that seem to create a space for innovative opportunities.

The legislation in Canada for recreational cannabis use, the noticeable achievements from many of the industry's up-and-coming contenders and the constant adoption of legal recreational and medical marijuana in additional states in the United States all fueled a lot of interest. The industry and the cannabis market is really growing despite the fact that stocks have not performed up to par as was expected in 2018. However, 2019 is poised to be different.

Marijuana Industry Going Forward

Going forward, marijuana stocks will not thrive unless companies grow up and do what is necessary to make this happen. Balance sheets in the accounting process must be strengthened and mergers and acquisitions have to be maintained as well as quarterly numbers have to be confirmed that there is a reason for the hype it is getting.

One of the ways that thriving cannabis businesses can improve their profits for 2019 is to release innovative products on the cannabis market. While there might be a lot of new products already on the market, not all of them are winners; enough to drive up sales and achieve a dominant status in the cannabis market. Take a closer look at some of the new marijuana products that could change the way you do business in the industry and on the cannabis market.

Top New Products to Hit the Cannabis Market in 2019

Cannabis Edibles

One category that is set to emerge and become popular on the cannabis market in 2019 is edibles. Once the Canadian government made the decision to legalize recreational cannabis use for adults, there were no regulations put in place for edibles and other similarly infused products. The government gave itself one year from the date of legalization, which was October 2018 to get those regulations in place for edibles.

Currently, marijuana companies in Canada have had a head start as it relates to creating new edibles product to be sold in the retail cannabis market. Some companies are even giving away edibles that cannot yet be sold according to government regulations. In past months, about one quarter of cannabis consumers in Canada have gotten a free edibles product. By October 2019 on the one year anniversary of legalized weed in Canada, edibles will be a part of the retail cannabis market and many believe that this one marijuana product could become a major influence on the market and industry.

Cannabis Beverages

Cannabis beverages are being pushed for retail sales on the cannabis market and they seem to be doing well. One of the top producers of some of these beverages is Canopy Growth Coropration. Companies like Constellation Brands make beers infused with cannabis. HEXO and Coors have signed a partnership to make some of these infused beverages.

Each company has its individual products even though, they have gone into partnership. Some companies market CBD products as healthy beverages that help in anxiety and inflammation reduction.

CBD Products

Prior to 2018, CBD or cannabidiol products were already popular; making its way onto the cannabis market to be sold. Marijuana has many chemical elements, but CBD has been said to have emerged as one of the most popular along with THC. CBD can be extracted and included in vaping products, drink, bath products and more. CBD products have been marketed as healthy products that benefits people suffering from different ailments such as insomnia and chronic pain; just to name a few.

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