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For those of you interested in starting a marijuana business, or landing a marijuana job, online cannabis training offers unique advantages. With cannabis legalization gaining momentum around the globe and business booming in decriminalized areas, there is more incentive than ever before to invest in this burgeoning industry. However, being interested in a cannabis career is not equivalent to knowing exactly where to start.

Because it is a young industry just managing to find its place in the mainstream world, it can be difficult to find the right path towards your desired role.

Lucky for you, an awesome cannabis education is a great place to start. For those seeking to break into the cannabis industry, an online training program can offer an edge over those learning through more traditional, classroom-style courses or brief workshop sessions.

Cannabis Training University (CTU) was designed to be an effective first step towards a successful career in cannabis. An online cannabis college, CTU offers a unique set of benefits that set it apart from other cannabis training courses and programs.

A Program Without Borders

One of the greatest benefits of an online education is its ability to reach people regardless of location. In the cannabis industry, this becomes particularly important when factoring in the differences in cannabis legalization from country to country.

An online cannabis training program provides students living outside legal areas with in-depth knowledge they would not be able to access otherwise. No longer must students live in a Medical Marijuana State to get cutting edge information and instruction.

With CTU, this means always having a front row seat to lessons about growing cannabis, medical marijuana regulations, budtender responsibilities, running a cannabis business, and more. Whether you’re biding your time until cannabis is legalized in your current location or preparing to make a move to benefit your cannabis career, CTU will be there for you.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Another feature that inspires enrollment in online programs is the flexibility they offer over courses confined to physical learning spaces. Receiving an education or attending a workshop at an on-site location can be valuable, but it certainly does not lend itself well to every lifestyle, especially to those who work full-time, do not have a set schedule each week, or struggle with finding a means of transportation.

Finding an online program where they can learn wherever, whenever, and at their own pace then becomes a priority.

In regard to cannabis studies, a program that enables each student to approach the material at their own speed is a great way to accommodate varying levels of cannabis experience that students may already possess. It allows the student with budtender experience to swiftly review any material they’re already familiar with, but enables other students starting from square one to mull over each reading as much as they need.


Learn how to cash in on the Green Rush!

A self-guided program gives individuals the opportunity to mold their educational experience as they please, whether they are looking to finetune an existing set of skills or build up their cannabis knowledge from scratch. Upon enrollment at CTU, students receive 12 weeks of unlimited access to all of our HD Videos, eBooks, and other content and can structure their learning process as they see fit.

Stay Ahead of Industry Changes & Trends

The cannabis industry is rapidly evolving. Since the beginning of its decriminalization through its legalization in many areas, the nature of the business has blossomed and recent technological advancements could change how cannabis operations are run. That being said, a lot could change between now and five years, or even in the next few months!

Because the cannabis industry has been fluid and does not show signs of solidifying any time soon, the most effective way to learn about cannabis is through a program that is just as fluid. A classroom-style course with a curriculum based off a textbook can be informative, but what good is the information in its pages if a sudden technological or political breakthrough causes drastic change?

Online cannabis training can do what a textbook cannot: evolve alongside the industry. As new developments are made, material can be added and adjusted to ensure the information available reflects the industry in its current state. At CTU, we give our students an inside look at current industry leaders and ensure they can start their careers as truly informed, certified individuals.

A Sustainable Way to Get Smart

In recent years, there has been a palpable global shift stressing the importance of making eco-friendly lifestyle changes, from reducing waste production to decreasing energy use. For many reasons, enrolling in a completely digital online university aligns with living a sustainable life.

Think of the resources it takes to keep an on-site college running smoothly. Think of the energy the university buildings use up each week, the paper required to print textbooks for thousands of students, and the fuel required to deliver those textbooks in time for the semester and to get those students in their seats each day.

Conversely, sharing content solely via digital platforms and not requiring students to print any material means saving trees, cutting down on shipping charges, decreasing waste, and helping to lower any toxicity associated with production and delivery. Plus, there’s no transportation required and no reason to add to your carbon footprint.

There are over 300,000 jobs in the cannabis industry. CTU trained me for one of them!

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Get an Edge Over Your Competition

The world of cannabis is moving fast. If you’re looking to strike while the iron is hot, online cannabis training is just a click away. It’s an effective way to gain valuable insight into the industry and stay up to date on emerging trends and political shifts, plus one you can choose to tackle wherever and whenever you’d like. Start your cannabis career on the right foot and enroll today at the marijuana college of choice!

Best Cannabis Training School

Cannabis Training University consistently has won numerous awards as the best cannabis college since we began back in 2009. CTU has earned these awards by providing the premier cannabis training program that is known and accepted amongst cannabis industry employers.

Start your marijuana business and cannabis career with online cannabis certifications from the cannabis training school, Cannabis Training University

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